Sunday, December 28, 2008

The year 2008 for me

When I was wondering what would be my next post…? I got a thought (lol). Why not write about this year which is about to end?

The year 2008 for me

To start off, I am unique just like everybody else.  This year had  amazing changes  in life. You want what!!! Actually every year has that. But this year was special. I was working in a BPO which was totally fun. So many friends n colleagues .Never  thought that I would leave them. Well eventually I would have but not that time. I had an problem with the team lead n that brought down my performance and so on and so forth. So I left  on March 1st.  Well I really cannot forget the date. I mean it just happened a few months ago. I remember seeing my friend Sindhuraj having tears in his eyes seeing me leave that day home.  A true friend who knew about me. I still miss him.  Then  things had to go on. I had an exam to complete and I did that. Then in the month of April, My maternal family planned a trip to salem n yercaud  which was one of the best trips ever. My dad who never comes out these days took his time out of business and joined us on the trip along with my grandparents. We had major fun which words cannot explain(it really did). We had come back with full josh to get to know what I was going to next when suddenly my parental grandmother passed away. I still remember seeing her on the night which was her last. She knew she was going to die because the way she talked made it do evident which all of realized only after it happened. Something kept telling her, she was going to die. N she did. Which had a major effect on all of us in the family. My dad felt it was his fault because my dad is one person who never scolds his parents. He is very caring n affectionate towards both of them but that night due to other problems in the office he had just scolded my grandma because she was pestering him. I still see my dad crying sometimes. This incident has a major impact on all of after this happened. I hadn’t met my dad’s side of the family since something happened in 2006. Then suddenly I had to see all of em  n guess what they were so casual. Then the fun part of my 2008 started. My cousins about 15 of us in the age group of 14 to 27 were joining together for everything, being  birthday or just some casual holidays n even a rainy day. Sundays are the only days I am along with my parents now it has been dedicated to my cousins. Then my dad decided I pursue  my higher education which was the greatest decision I made or my dad has made for me.  Joined college, discovered friends n foes n then discovered foes among the group of friends. This year also passed with an exam, MBA, a new laptop, high hopes for the future, the US crisis, Me reading newspapers, going to the library, discovering the new “ME”. And best of all I did all this with great happiness. I am the person who takes life as it comes n I am trying to enjoy every moment  of it. Hope I din’t bore you with my happenings in 2008. Hoping n expecting to do n learn another set of new things this year too.. Happy new year 2009. Whatever you do, have a blast!!!!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happiest moment of life jus happen.....

hi pple...  I dont think any1 reads my blog.. but anyways the happiest moments in life just happens. don't you think so. I'l tell you wat just recently happened in mine. i found an old friend. the ones who studied with you from kindergarden n you leave school in 3rd std hoping to find them some day... Well I found 1..... Actually 2. I found this community in orkut where it had my old school's name. I searched all over for this friend of mine( nithya) . As far as i remember I searched around like 15 times.  well then posted a topic saying," I am searching for a lost friend.... she was in this class n all those details n blah blah about her." well the response never happened immediately... i got a reply frm this girl saying that i am sakthi. I was in the same school. I know you n your friend. n this is her number... I was shocked!!!!!!!!!!!! pple actually remember me.. she even rememers my dead dog.. I was so happy to have known her after all these years.. I  am a person who gives a lot of important to friends n family. I've wanted to meet this girl ( nithya) for a very long time.. Since i dont remember when. But i never remember the name sakthi or also remember hearing it at that time. I haven't yet contacted nithya but very happy to find my friend Sakthi again who took the pain to find out Nithya's number n given it to me. I was so happy that i have found old friends who still value me as a person. Now All I am scared off is that will I get the same response from My so- called- known friend Nithya...?? we will just have to wait n watch...

Monday, November 17, 2008

My first post.....

hi guys!!
just for the world to know me. I'm raji. The girl who smiles forever. I really dono whats with the smiling attitude really. I wanna dedicate this blog to all the people around me(friends or foe). Well i wanted to write a blog for a long time(maybe since my UG), but you know me lazy goose! I had to type, but I would love to do this. so as i was saying what do we write in a blog? anything that comes to your mind?? or something you wanna share with the rest of the world?? whatever it is..... JUST SPEAK YOUR HEART OUT. life is busy these days!!! guess why?? I am studying!!!!???? LOL. You know what i mean. Don't ya? hey don't ask me what i'm doing... i'm doing the three letter course which is sooooooooo famous these days.. anyways back to where i started( again).... (What am I doing here anyways).... I've got exams.... i really need to work on this...(he he he )... gotta go.. see you guys around... whatever.. just open up pple... i want to know what you all think... 

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