Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Letting me go

Dad and Mama, I love you, I really do,
I can’t think of my world without you!

No more kiss good-night,
No more dad to hold me tight.
No more hugs to calm my fears,
No more hands to wipe my tears!
No more tucking in at night.

But I know I will see you once again
And then you will hold me tight,
When we are together again.

l want to be selfish and share
But what I want just isn’t fair.
Dad, I am living of dull life
Without you here by my side,

Mama, as long as I live
Not a moment will go by
When I don’t wish you were with me.

Daddy I love you, I really do,
Mama I love you, I really do,
Daddy I know you have to leave me
But I told you I don't want to go,
Why did you let me be alone,
Let me go.

I show no fear in my eyes and face
But I am scared without you besides me,

I don't want to cry when I'm talking to you,
But I cry when I'm alone.
Dad and Mama,

Just remember I will always love you.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I am entering into the blogging world after 4 weeks of hectic and fun trip to Paris. This is a second guest post of my blog. It was written by siva who is a doctor and has a vivid sense of humor. Siva, has become a close companion in a very short period of time due to the fact that I enjoy his blah blah.. i.e Writing. He had FINALLY completed his MBBS and now doing his intern. I love what he writes and this story is something I hope you will all like. Siva writes @ My Experience with me 

He n Anamika got married recently n as usual they loved each other

for a brief period before marriage..

He s a civil Eng in a leading construction company n she a

program writer with rich father
.She was unique - this unique doesnt

mean what all gals use in social networking sites profile in "about me" ..

she was really unique , bcos she

had BPD [ Bipolar disorder] (a form of psychiatric illness ppl with this ,

go to their extremes of mood either happy or sad ,btw they r normal ,

u cant easily diagnose them as most persons reading this blog r like that!! ) ..

And she was diagnosed early when she got her first depression n maniac

episodes after mother's death n

doctors assured her its very mild n she can lead a normal life with her drugs.

They were true she was quite normal after that n only once she got the

maniac form of elated mood thats when he proposed her ..

Like any other lover during love with a rich man's daughter

he dint mind about her illness n told her u r normal, only these docs r

confusing u to get few bucks from u .. she felt happy for him .
He was starting his car from construction site to pick her from

office , he hated his job with dust n noise .. but she loved her office with all

forms of luxury n pleasant room spray ..


He : Hi ! good evening ..

She: gud evening.. u smell like a sheep :)

He : oh.. n u smell like n whore ..;)

she : ya.. i;m a whore to one man ..


He tries to give a instant hug but she resists with a smile n enters kitchen

.. it happens everytime n he curses himself " y these gals change after a yr

of marriage n becomes more professional even in bed "


Their conversation was mostly around their respective firms development n

movement of shares in stock exchange .. neither of them was looking into eyes,

during love when they had dinner the room fills with laughter n they had smiles

before each spoon of food n both used to compliment each other.. everything

has changed after marriage..


After taking her tablet she checks the prescription for review date with the

doctor n files it back.. He always get irritated with her mr.perfect behavior of

filing things n even scold without knowing its going to save his life.. Like other

routine things making love also happens ,just happens within a time to make

two maggi noodles ..

though neither of them get satisfied they were too egoistical to mention it or

ask more.. Next day

Sun comes out n their routine continues as schedule ..


one day she has to return home earlier... when she comes home n opens

bedroom door , she sees everything normal in the room .. her husband , two

pillows, teddy bear , a water Jug Except an extra 5' 7" feet

creature curling along with her husband in bed .


She made a call to her father ... then she died .

Autopsy Report : suicide , cause of death - opening up veins in bath tub.


Her father "U killed her, bloody basterd, i dint like u from the start "

He "U r getting too hysterical ,what happened s an unfortunate event n

am feeling sad for u n ur daughter , but dont blame me, i think its bcos of

her condition ..."

Her father "Shut up !! all these days u dint mind about that (BPD) n argued

that she s normal , now to save ur skin u r playing ur cards"

He "Dont use strong words sir .. i find no fault in me, ok let me be open

with u .. i agree i loved her, but i was never satisfied with

her n found soon after marriage that

she can never satisfy me , but i never want to leave her for that reason n so

i found my own way of satisfying myself ..its very normal..think sir.. when u dont

like or bored with homemade food dont u go to hotel or get a parcel of hotel

food to home ..which s precisely what i did :) "

Her Father "I ve never seen such a smooth talking basterd like u in my life ,

going to court of law "

He "ofcourse sir.."


The court was centered around an as usual unenthusiastic n grumpy judge

with no ears for emotions ..

Her Father - This man pushed her to end her life..this must

not be taken as suicide , its a homicide ..

JUDGE - [ after verifying the neatly aligned her prescription files from first visit

of doctor ] was she a known psychiatric patient ?

Her Father - Its irrelevant to case sir ..this man's adultery caused my

daughter's Life ..

JUDGE - was she under treatment for BPD ?

Her Father - Lord ..but this man pushed her to ..

JUDGE [irritatingly]
- was she a patient with bipolardisorder ,under

treatment n do u agree these prescription in files belongs

to her n do u know her psychiatric illness before ..? say yes or no!!

Her Father - YES !!

JUDGE - Case dismissed .



Q1- Do u agree with the judgment?

Q2- Do u think He is innocent ?

Q3- Do u believe her cause of death s due to her BPD alone ?

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