Monday, November 17, 2008

My first post.....

hi guys!!
just for the world to know me. I'm raji. The girl who smiles forever. I really dono whats with the smiling attitude really. I wanna dedicate this blog to all the people around me(friends or foe). Well i wanted to write a blog for a long time(maybe since my UG), but you know me lazy goose! I had to type, but I would love to do this. so as i was saying what do we write in a blog? anything that comes to your mind?? or something you wanna share with the rest of the world?? whatever it is..... JUST SPEAK YOUR HEART OUT. life is busy these days!!! guess why?? I am studying!!!!???? LOL. You know what i mean. Don't ya? hey don't ask me what i'm doing... i'm doing the three letter course which is sooooooooo famous these days.. anyways back to where i started( again).... (What am I doing here anyways).... I've got exams.... i really need to work on this...(he he he )... gotta go.. see you guys around... whatever.. just open up pple... i want to know what you all think... 

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Aravindh said...

The girl who smiles forever.. Thats's really TRUE.. :)

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