Sunday, January 5, 2014

Resolution 2014

Resolution should be something that we can do and we are willing to do.. To set a resolution, you need to understand you. Since I have been married now for over a yr (Dec '13), I felt that I have lost myself in this transition. I thought I knew myself really well before marriage. But of late, I aint myself. So I decided, that it was my husband's fault and always been so angry on him for everything.

Suddenly last week, I realized, HE is a part of me, if I really don't understand him, I would never know about me.. Of course, Marriage is just not about me, is it??

So My New Resolution is to understand my counter-part better and discover myself again.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Do good anyways

People may be selfish, cruel, and 2-faced.
You do good anyway.

If you are happy and content in life, people will be jealous.
Be happy and do good anyway.

When you give your best, it may not be good enough.
Give your best shot and do good anyway.

When you are honest and true to heart, people may deceive you.
Be honest and do good anyway.

When you are rich and successful, you will have many friends who aren't real friends.
Treat them well and do good anyway.

When you are kind and helpful, people will accuse you of have some motive.
Be kind and do good anyway.

When you do something bad, it will be remembered for years. When you do something good, it will be forgotten in a day.
Nevertheless, do good anyway.

God is there watching from up above, no good deed goes unnoticed.
So do good anyway.

~ Mother Teresa

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Don't blame me

Okay! So I did this already but then now that I have bought myself a Blackberry, it better I utilize the services provided by it!

yes!! Shifting again to wordpress!! Atleast this time I hope we don't stay permanently on wordpress!! Sorry blogger, don't blame me!! U don't have an apps for blackberry n u have lost a valuable fan :(

Changed permanently to
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Don't blame me

Okay! So I did this already but then now that I have bought myself a Blackberry, it better I utilize the services provided by it!

yes!! Shifting again to wordpress!! Atleast this time I hope we don't stay permanently on wordpress!! Sorry blogger, don't blame me!! U don't have an apps for blackberry n u have lost a valuable fan :(

Changed permanently to
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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Back!!! I hope....

Before I start, I apologise for not making my presence in the blogging world for i dont remember how long..... I  really dont know if people still care, whether I blog or not, this apology is to who care and to my precious blog. She just must have missed me.

Lots of things changed around. Traveling, jobs, friends changed, college life ends, never planning to go back to studying except u wish you were only a student all your life!!! *SIGH* Well I dont know whether its the ppl n things around me, but I've changed too..

BTW, Traveling has been awesome. I have visited like four countries in the just a years time. I flew to Paris , France  and then Bernes, Swiss wich I never know was the capital of the country before visiting and then to brussels, Belguim on education trip. I did everything except studying, but I learnt a lot of things about various cultures, pple and drinking :P This one is for another day. loads and loads of stuff to tell you. Then I got a job in Abu Dhabi, UAE. So that makes it four countries!!! By the end of the year, I was back home where I really belong.

I am still the stubborn, I-know-my-life kinda person, but I have become more arrogant and fuming with anger all the time. I am being a typical Scorpion these days. Hating that, By the way..

Lots of reasons contributing to my absence in the blogging arena including my laziness and the micro-blogging website Twitter!! I know all the pple are blaming Twitter, but we all know that it is easier to convey something quicker than sitting and writing a long post about it on Blogger. I met most of the bloggers there who rant, crib, cry, go insane over things that they usually do on Blogger. They think its better to talk abt it in a one liner than writing a paragraph about it... (which is sad!!! I know)

Well, I know twitter is better than blogger, but I've missed blogger. I really wish pple would spill out our emotions in a long way rather than a one liner. So I am wishing to write more to succumb my fears and angers on life, turn it into something more fulfilling and satisfying.

PS: I am a little concern about my writing but its good to be back!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

"To Ashes"

*A late afternoon* 

What was she doing standing 3 inches at curve of the street and looking at cars as they drove passed her? She stood in cloths soaking wet, shivering. You can see her teeth chattering and her eyes crying, but yet a smile laid painted on her face…… I glanced over at her and maybe recognize her, but couldn't… 

The setting was beautiful. an orange, yellow, and red sun was setting, the serene outside, with a steady breeze. But her..?… 

Her scream ripped the scenery and filled the air, and drew a flock of birds flying away, like humans fleeing from a disaster... Did these birds understand and I yet was trying to figure out?

People began to gather and I grew aware something was wrong… I moved in toward the crowd… She took no notice in anyone that stood near her, but kept her face where no one can see it- hidden under the hooded jacket she wore… she didn't want anyone near her. My face kept a confused yet sad look... She stood motionly peaceful among these people, like nothing was going wrong. 

Whispers of people moved aimlessly through the crowd. No one seemed to notice me, I moved around the growing crowd. Feeling like a lifeless spirit crouching in and around these people. Whispers went to speaking, then just got louder.

She dropped down on her knees and put her hands over her ears. The crowd got quieter.

She reached into her pocket and took out a folded paper which she stared at then set aside.

As she turned around and her jaded eyes looked right into mine… It was like looking at a reflection in a mirror… She looked like me, and cried like me… I felt the pain she felt, and could see right through her. I then was aware... it WAS me, and my spirit drifting along this world before I had left…………

I took a last glance at what I was leaving behind…but nothing seemed meaningful anymore… In the crowd, confused faces stared, waiting on what I’d do next. Watching as entertainment filled them with joy. I knew I was melting inside, but still smiled… Then caught my attention, a man moving in aside him another man, through the crowd... I knew this guy... As I lifted my head slowly and looked right at him, he slowly hid behind the others. I looked away, and told myself I've forgotten that face, and was meant to leave it like that.... I looked down, slowly dropping on the floor. Took a deep breath. I soaked in gasoline and shivered in the cooling breeze. Reached into my pocket- It felt like all of life's walls were caving in on me... I have lost…- smiled...and lit myself to flames……….

The folded paper, read…

"Watch my ashes fly away… I've made things easier for you when I die."

**I keep holding on to you, but I can't bring you back to life… Sing the anthem of the angels, and say the last good-bye**

*It's all an act. Smile. Live. Die inside. Go to bed. And again the next day.*

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Actually, What do men want? o_O

Off late, I am not coming on the Blogging scene but this topic made me want to write about it!!

This post in a part of the contest by Blogadda.

Everybody want to know each other, be it Men or Women!! Everybody cares about the life around us, the people we care and share, the people we want to please and impress, the people we want to hate and regret, the people we love and live for!! Sometimes, if we realised we do want others to talk about what we do and what we don't do. After all, we are a social being and we do depend on everything around us. No one can deny it.

Coming the topic of what men want, WHAT DO YOU GUYS WANT??

We can only approach this topic in a very generalised view, because each person is unique and has her/his own wants and needs.

The first thing that struck me when I read this topic. Men want WOMEN.

Let me explain,
A Women is required to carry a child(Male or female).

A Mother is need take care of the need, to nurture and cultivate values through her love and affection. The Mother plays the most crucial part in the life a child. Men are said to be connected to the mother more than a women. After all, she is the first women in his life. He would anything to get her love. Come who may say, men love their mother more than another women in his life.

A Sister is to teach him to care, share and teach him good from wrong. A sibling is also the first rivalry. The one who act as competition. This is where he faces his first victory or defeat. Embraces each emotion with a sister. As he grows up, the love for sister also grows. He takes care of her, respect her, treat her like equals.
This is a very strong and powerful relationship for his lifetime.

A Girlfriend, to share his secrets, likes, dislikes, passion, compassion, confessions. I know a guys best buddy is a guy too. But a girlfriend accept him as he is. They help each other grow and share their responsibilities and dreams.

A Wife to open up a new world of love. The one which he never imagined that would exist. The Wife play another major part in this life after his mother. To make him feel happy, to make feel loved, to make him feel like a man itself. She remains for the rest of his life as a partner, soul mate, lover, friend & an enemy at times. Sex, a whole chapter in the life of a man is experienced with his wife. All say men are crazy about sex. Yeah it is true but it is also a part of the life which everyone accepts. Sex is not a taboo. The role of his wife is indefinable in the real world. What she does for the MAN in her life and the family cannot be compared to anything. Yeah, All for him. The Man in her life. The true value of his life only begins after his marriage.

A Daughter to make him a father. There is no denial that a father- daughter relationship is one of the strongest. Men are more protective and sensitive when it comes to having a daughter. Most of the times, Men embraces a daughter. Another women to complete him.

A Granddaughter to trouble him, to make him tell stories of his life. To hold his hands when she sleep. Another women who fulfils his whole life.

So many relationship, of course men want men too..But what they want most is the relationship which they crave for from the beginning of his life till the end is Women. I feel all other materialistic things comes only after this. Money, status etc, etc, are all the things which he wants to get only after his true fulfilment- Women are attained.

I dedicate this post about Men to all the Men in my life: My father, My brothers, My friends, My future- husband and May be My future son :P

On a funny note:

Can you imagine a world without men?  No crime and lots of happy fat women - Marion Smith and Nicole Hollander

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