Thursday, December 31, 2009

Tamil Padam....

This is the upcoming movie from the producer of Vaaranam Aayiram , Dayanithi Alagiri starring MIRCHI Shiva and a new girl from mumbai. Why am I posting about this movie?  I recently listened to this song from the movie called " Oh Maha Zeeya" which is one of the most meaning and insightful song I've ever listened to. I would request you all to please listen to the song and also relate to the true meaning of the song and movie.

Oh Maha Zeeya from Tamil Padam | Music Upload

Thou shall end the year with a smile and always with a smile. I hope you all have a very very happy new year 2010 and for all the years to come shall bring everybody happiness. Love all my fellow earthlings!!!:))

Wednesday, December 23, 2009



Money? What is it, a simple piece of paper that determines who you are in life. I guess we are all fooled because it only brings stress and misery to our life. Many assume that money can buy happiness but have you really thought about it. Can money really put a price on our smiles and laughs? If you answer yes than ,you tell me the price of your smile? I will tell you mine, mine, is priceless because money is nothing to me. Give me tons and tons of money also I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now. Some may criticize by saying that, my parents provide me with whatever I have. I strongly believe that my parents do it for the love of it. Yes, The love of having me as their child. I never pampered. Never. I have my priorities too!!

Money has become something that is needed everywhere. It steals your ability to think and to make sense of things. It helps you forget about your troubles but soon brings many more. People have gone to many extremes to get it and many have not been successful. So tell me what have you done? Have you stolen money from your mothers purse? Your friends? Have you done things that you regretted later in life? I hope that you haven't but personally I haven't but trust me I have thought about it. Its very tempting and its very difficult to prevent yourself from doing it. Our society shows us that money is everything and without it you are a nobody. It brings pressure to our life and causes many difficulties. What you have is no longer good enough, you need more much much more. Your morals are tested and you fail at it. Tell me can we really blame ourselves?

It has taken me a long time or a short time (depends on how you look at it) to accept that I'm never going to be wealthy or rich in life. Its not because I don't think that I'm going to be successful but its because I now know that its either money or my happiness. And can you guess what I picked? I want to be able to see life and not regret who I am. To look at my life and see that its not about what I'm wearing or what kind of car I'm driving , its about who i am on the inside and the type of person i am. Its about people being able to trust me and about the person I present myself as. I think that everybody should look past money and see the person as who they are because in the end we are all going to end up in the same place, a grave. WE LIVE IN A MATERIALISTIC WORLD…

Its okay, I know money withdrawal is worse than being sober. It takes time and determination. You have to be able to want your freedom. You have to be able to accept the way life is. I know money is necessary to survive but if you have too much of it, trust me, you wont survive with it. The richest guy Bill Gates has a private pool around his bedroom with a couple of dolphins in it. The doctor has asked to do this because he felt that he wasn’t too happy in life. You think that he would be happy only if he watched the dolphins swim or play with him. Keep doing what your doing earn your living but don't get side tracked. Remember who you are making that money for whether its your wife , husband, kids, friends or for yourself , remember that it cant put a price on your happiness.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The cry

This is something from me to contribute to the on-going climate changes in the world. I think that the fututre generation deserves a better planet to live in... I want my grandchildren to have clearer air and fresh water.. This is dedicated to mother Earth and us, the living being.... Every living being..

Everybody, hear this cry,
It’s Mother Earth’s turn to die.
All you’re doing, and all you’ve done,
You’re all killing her,
One by one.

Green trees
Lush grass
Oceans clear
Blue skies
Animals aplenty
Loving life

Waging war
Atomic bombs
Red skies
Maimed animals
Incinerated forests
Nuclear warfare
God help us....

The tribute continues 4….


I know this one was going far too long but i have so many people in class.. Now if i change to smaller paragraph it wouldn’t be fair on my part to leave out my other classmates..

Roll.No:27 Prasanna Venkatesh: He is a friend who would stick with you no matter what. I share a lot of things with him vice versa. He is very afraid to make CONFERENCE call to anybody. Prasanna has a mannerism to keep clapping his hands, when he is taking or making a presentation. We share a special friendship!! He hates people who ignore him. He gets very angry when people think ill about him and is likely to take revenge on them. He is cool and sensitive!! He has a new yamaha bike which is like his first love next would be Ramya. 

Roll No:28 Ramachandran: Avan nadipan. Ram is the most dynamic and smart guy in class. He acts as if he is goodie goodie but is a natural trouble maker. He has the aspirations to do something for the country. Sometimes he is one of the best in class and other times, the worst. He doesn’t talk a lot but he knows a lot. Ramachandran is a funny and sincere student who loves the country and very proud to be an Indian..

Roll. No: 29 never existed too!!

Roll.No:30 Raj Murugan: He has recently changed his name to RIthish murugan. Some sort of numerology stuff. He is too funny and we used to hang around a lot when he was still in college.. now that he left I have no clue..

Roll no:31 Ronak: Actually a great person to be but the attitude of I-know-everything-and-you-know-nothing sucks.. If you know everything then you should try to inculcate it in others too… thats the basic truth we all live for. I know its a competitive world, yet some morals and values are still in existence. Yet I appreciate your work culture and way you put up with things. You have a great sense of creativity and you will definitely make a good Event Manager..

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


"I’m sorry "; she said these as her last words. He was still holding her hands firmly, shocked, refusing to let her go.
He didn’t know what else to say. All he could think of was that she was leaving him for no reason. "There is nothing left to say", "I’m sorry".
She turned her back and ran away. But he stood there; shocked like he never was before. 
With tears falling from his eyes, he remembered her smile, her funny jokes, and her stupid mistakes. He was missing them already a while had passed before he found a paper in one of his books; she chose it to send her last words. The paper was a letter from his sweet heart, it said:

"… you did nothing wrong, trust me, you deserve more than the best. But it is time for me to go now, so just let my life as it was before and walk away. I’ll never know how I lost you. There is nothing left unspoken but… I love you."
He read the paper till he fall asleep and every now and then, he reads it again. Trying to figure out the truth because he knew it was not "due to personal reasons" like she titled it, he was sure something was left unspoken but he could never find it.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Love you eternally

This is a poem my friend Kalai wrote for her husband Prem after two years of happy marriage. They are one of the most naughtiest couple I’ve seen and made for each other.  You should read what Prem gave, you will be so mesmerized. I am so jealous about their compatibility. This post is dedicated to Prem from Kalai.. but I give it to both of them. Happy Anniversary guys. Wish you be like this forever.

Like the sea meets the Ocean.
The sky meets the Earth,
I wonder, if it were not you,
Would living life be worth??

You gave my life a meaning,
You taught me love again,
Every night I am dreaming,
Wondering how all this began?

I yearn for you my darling!!
Waiting to be with you.
Let our life unfurl at every turning,
Our love which is very true and new!

We will show the world what togetherness is,
In Husband-wife there is no hers or his,
You and I will always be OURS,
Let pass by months, days or hours.

I love you for everything,
I love you for mentioning
"Kalai, I have never felt like this before"
I will love for ever Kanna,
This is what your Kalai will assure.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The Other Woman

Priya felt angry, indignant, disappointed and curious .She went to look in the mirror. A face with delicate and beautiful features looked back. The sindoor was a short prominent red line at the top. She had always loved putting on that sindoor even though Vinoth never seemed to glance at it. He never seemed to be aware.

Today, when she had finally decided that she had gone long enough without a single loving word and no children, she decided to take a peek into Vinoth’s dairy. Now she wondered. Who was this Kavita? How had she captured my Vinoth’s heart when they were at school? School time crushes never lasted long, least of all for more than 10 years. Where was she now? And how Priya cursed her father-in -law. How could he have forced his own son in first deserting his love when he was 20 and at 24 marry someone he did not have any feelings for?

As she sat thinking, Vinoth entered the bedroom. His face contorted with fury as he saw the dairy lying open. His large, dark eyes, which Priya had loved since the very first time she saw them, seemed to snap. But his voice was calm as he spoke, "You had no right to read my dairy, but since you have, let me inform you, I can never forget Kavita or stop loving her. It is 6 years since I last saw her. But I love her and always will"

The next day Priya and Vinoth were at the hospital due to her headache. As they waited in a stony silence, the clerk who was monitoring the patients told another nurse, "Hey, call Miss Kavita. She will know how to best deal with this case." Vinoth did not seem to notice. Priya wondered if he thought there were hundreds of Kavitas in the world.

A woman entered with the nurse. She wasn’t beautiful but certainly secured a second glance. She was sweet—but something in her eyes said that she had suffered. Priya felt very interested in her. Glancing at Vinoth to see whether he shared her interest, she saw him staring at the woman as though he had seen a ghost. She too, went rigid, when the nurse said, "Kavita madam, Priya ma'am’s case should be looked after by you"

Before Kavita could turn, her cell rang. She listened to whoever was speaking, and then sighed. "Ma, how many times do I have to tell you, I wont marry. I have given my heart to someone…. I don’t care if he is already married to someone else"

She turned, smiling at Priya. "Are you Priya? I am a counselor. The kind of pain that you have-sudden, continuous, with no appetite – it is a sign of depression or shock." Her eyes lingered on Priya’s sindoor. ‘Is your husband here?" Vinoth spoke up "yes"
The three stared at each other in silence. Kavita broke the silence in a would-be jovial voice with the tiniest catch in it "Come on in, my cabin’s over there"

Three months later, Priya was pregnant. Her marriage was on track. All thanks to Kavita. She had brought Priya and Vinoth very close to each other. After her work with them was over, she left for America. That was only about a month ago. She had insisted on taking Vinoth’s diary. Now, as Priya and Vinoth were laughing about some silly jokes, a telephone call came long distance. Kavita had committed suicide…………… Life went on……… Vinoth loved Priya now, but Kavita was not forgotten—she was his daughter.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The love to be..

The one you are,
Is the one I love.

If you weren't you,
Then I wouldn't have loved you.
But then,
I would have loved who?

You allow me to be me,
And you always be you.
Let the world see,
How much I love you.

Monday, November 30, 2009

A Guest Post to Madhu


This is my first guest post and I’m so excited. You will get another one later this week(I guess). My first one was a short story about how people perceive about things made in India. This one is to Madhu Rao who is very insightful and ossum writer. You should read to understand about him and his writing. My post is also featured in Indivine .Thank you Madhu for giving me this opportunity!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Always Remeber

I try to always rememeber...

"People are often unreasonable, irrational and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.

If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.

If you are successful, you'll win some unfaithful friends and some genuine enemies. Succeed anyway.

If you are honest and sincere, people may deceive you. Be honest and sincere anyway.

What you spend years creating, others could destroy overnight. Create anyway.

If you find serenity and happiness, some may be jealous. Be happy anyway.

The good you do today will often be forgotten. Do good anyway.

Give the best you have, and it will never be enough. Give your best anyway.

In the final analysis, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway."

~ Mother Teresa

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Watch or it will fade away


India is not a new market for the fine watch industry. Brands like Cartier, Patek Philippe and Harry Winston have had their roots in designing special pieces for Indian Maharajas. salarwal

Recent year records indicate that the Mobile showrooms have more fan following than the ones selling watches. Is it because we have lost interest in keep up the time or wearing the watch itself. In fact mobile phones are now viewed as an add-on investment by the average customers and the watch is an “expense”!!! The watch seems to have taken the second priority when it is considered for keeping track of time. Why has the trend changed ??

I remember wearing a watch 2000 bucks when I was in 8th standard. This was a gift from my dad for getting good marks in exams. I used to wear it to school only on special occasions. I stole a few glances from both students as well as teachers.. Wearing a watch worth 2000 bucks was a huge “status” symbol those days but now apparently every watch costs about 2000 bucks.. Array!! you get mobile phones for 2000 bucks.. why waste that money on a dumb watch.


Slowly the habit of wearing a watch has declined among the younger generation and many IT professionals. They have quit wearing a watch. Reason: time consciousness is a part of life and is moving into approximation like “TENISH” or “ Give me a call to confirm.” Unlike the concept of “Sharp Ten” of yester years and primarily the PDAs , mobiles and laptops display time as well as have more than needed features of the good old watch, such as FM, Reminders, Notes, Calculator, Directory and Games. In the recent times, many feel the watch as an inconvenience or a burden. Why duplicate facilities when the mobile phones(the habitual companion) can do the same job? Wearing a watch was necessity before the advent of mobile phones, now the watch segment has become a gift ” not used” or a gift “for the heck of it” if not based on esteem needs. Well now it looks like the mobile phones are satisfying all needs of Maslow!!!

PS: why did I write about watches?? because I saw about 50% of my class mates where not wearing a watch today even to exams and was irritating the invigilator as well as the other students writing the exam by asking for time, since Mobile phones are not allowed inside the exam hall..

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Natpin Sirappu…


Engirindo vanda pudu mugam

Namakkaga uyirayum kodukkum nargunam…

Natpil illai jadiyal verrumai,

Endrum undu thadaiyarra orumai…

Thadaiyindri pesamattom nam appanidam,

Anal, appanai patriyyae kurai kuruvom antha suppanidam…

Pala innalgal vanthalum ayyamillaye..

Minnalai maraiyum avan irukkayile…

Mahabharatathili erundhu pesapatta natpu..

Intha pudu bharadathilum nedikirathu ithan sirappu.

Anaivaridamum suga thukkangalali pagivoma

Ethanai uravugal than irrupinum nanbanai polaguma…

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My first blogoversary


Hi everyone… I know its been long since I’ve frequented my blog but I still read all your posts!!! :P Today is a special day I share with something I genuinely fell in love with… My blog. This guy(My blog) is a very special space for me with which all my emotions and feelings are dealt with. I still don’t believe its been a year since I started it. I’ve started writing stuff regularly only by January this year. I have engrossed so much in this guy that I even forget to eat sometimes. My mom keeps asking me what I write so much on the computer even on holidays because she knows that I don’t study. I don’t remember why I choose this blog address. but something that time told me that I was going to hang on to this for the rest of my life.( i hope so). 


I’ve changed my blog template about 10 times this one year and I will still keep changing it. Not for sometime now. I love this template!! I’ve learned a lot. I’ve made quite a few friends in this virtual reality. I love interacting with them. It keeps  me happy. My blogger friend, this guy, my love, has shared various phases with  me. It kind of makes me feel that I belong in this blogger world. People from all over the world have read my posts. This blog has seen my success, love, failure, life, friendship, separation, marriages and divorces too.. May be that's why I named it, Attitudethatneverfails  and given the title as “Take life as it comes”. Thats how I am and I reflect it in my posts. This blog actually helps me a lot because once I write my emotions, it makes me feel comfortable. I forget about it. Its like as though I’ve told a good friend about your feelings and it makes you feel kind of relaxed. That is what I get from writing a blog.

I take this opportunity to thank a no of people who frequent my blog everyday. I thank Raji, Bharathi, Shruthi, Shankar, Sreya, Satish, Vipul, Madhu, Ash, Kajal, Sid, KaKa,Soin, Hary, Miss nobody, Nikhil, Anand and the whole bunch of Blog-a-tonics who visit my blog and care to comment on my posts... Its my dream come true to write something and get a recognition for it. Thanks to all those guys who have given me awards and appreciated me a lot. I’ve not only received awards here but also in my MBA class presentation where I got the highest mark for talking about my passion and only hobby.. blogging. Even my faculty know that I’ve a very passionate blogger. This has taken me to a higher level and also given me a lot of confidence too know myself more. Thank you blogger too!!!

PS: My stats.. Google Page Rank is 2.

                      Alexa Ranking is 389,047.

                      Indi Blogger rank is 79(out of 100).


PPS: I am a proud blogger and I am proud about my love.. My Blog

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Indian Multinational


Remember the Big screen TV which we had. I remember watching all my pink panther movies on Videocon.. Now they have come back with a bang.. The new Videocon- Indian Multinational.
Probably the first Indian Company to all manufacture Mobile phones...I love it

Change is happiness.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

If I were a baby again

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mother holding baby I was completely out of ideas when it comes to thinking about this topic. I mean what can be done. So then I decided and asked my mom. She said, “ how will remember what you did as a baby?” Then I said, “ Chumma, think amma, Try to visualize what you would to do as a baby" Then it struck me, why not ask various people about what they would do if they were a baby again. So here goes my post on what the people around me would do if they were a baby again:

My mom, “ I would want to be with my grandpa, whom i loved so much but only lived for a short time after I was born. So I miss him and his memories. I want to live with him again.”

My dad, “ hmmmmmm, Raji don’t you have exams tomorrow ? Why aren’t you studying? Don’t disturb me.( after I insisted) Well, I would want to cuddle my mother and cry to her to get the attention which I miss so much now.”( my grandmother passed away recently)

My perverted friend, Arun, “ Dai machan, you know what, I would drink milk from all the women. ( I gave him a nicely for that kinda answer)

My Sweet Sister, “ I really don’t know raji. Amma, what did I do as a baby? “ My mom starts off with all the baby talks she did while my sister was a baby. So then later after an hour, She said, “ You know what I would want to do if I become a baby again, I would want to do exactly the same stuff I did but this time I want it all to be video taped so that I could see it all the time in the future.

My dreamy friend, Vinoth, “Raji, unaku vera vellayae illa ya?( Don’t you have any other work?) but if I were a baby again, I would like to learn ABC and 123 as soon as possible and become a doctor at the age of 10.”( ya rite.. he really wanted to be one. but I never thought he could want to do this at that young age.)

My new friend, Jyo,” Raji, i would want to walk with you hand in hand at that young age, so that we would be friends forever.” (She touched my heart, Thanks Jyo)

Him,” Raji, i want to be born to you. I want to live as your son so that I would receive all that love which I get now as a FRIEND, as your son. I’m sure to get more then..” :(

My kutti cousin Pooja(5 yrs old), “ Akka, How do we get babies?” I was puzzled. I said, “ Ask your mother.” She ran away, kept pestering her for an answer. Then she came back to me and said, “ I don’t want to be a baby again. I want to grow up like you and have a laptop!!” ( what can i say? I’m a borne influencer!!!)

Last but not that least, Me, “ I wouldn’t want to do anything I do as a adult. I would do everything that a baby would do : Smile, cry, eat and sleep and also smile while I’m sleeping. I’ve always wondered why these babies smile while they are sleeping!!! My mom says that they talk to GOD while they are at sleep. See now, that's what I would want to do. Talk to the Almighty ask him to play with me.

PS: This is a simple post. It might not be funny or romantic or whatever you want to call it, but I felt that this post is full of emotions because few people were almost in tears when they told me what I’ve written like my dad, vinoth and Jyo. It might be nothing for us but it means something to all of them. I hope you like it…
Image courtesy: Google

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PPS: BTW, This is my 250th post… Yipee!!! :) I dedicate it to my parents and blogger friends.. Love you all

Thursday, November 5, 2009

He was….



He loved me… once

ONCE all my heart needed and wanted and craved. I felt solitude in the fact that his heart once belonged to me… even for just a fleeting moment- I knew it was mine.

He was always the fickle type – he never let me know too much but always fed me just enough to keep me close to him, clinging onto him, just enough to keep me wanting more of him.

I hate him for this. I hated him…

I hate him for all that he was… but nothing that he is. I don’t know him anymore.

Nothing that I am… Nothing that I am without anything of him….

Monday, November 2, 2009

The tribute continues 3…


Note: Hey guys, this is not to hurt anyone.. but something i felt I should do. I love doing it .. please don’t take me the wrong way. From here, things will get real personal.

Roll No:21 and Roll No: 22 Not sure if they exist in college..and if they do, I’ll edit this one..

Roll No:23 Nirandhari She is math genius who loves to play with numbers.. She is more an engineer than a MBA. I feel that she lacks the confidence in her. She is rather very sweet if you get to know her personally. She is mostly influenced by people who are close to her. She is prone to get angry fast without any reason. BTW, she is the roommate of the before mentioned “PRIYANKA” in this post. They are real good friends who like to be with each other. People feel that those two are inseparable but I'm damn sure that they will go on their own ways once the course is over. Guys wanna bet??

Roll No: 24 Praveen Chandar : (with a tear in my eye) He is one the best friend who will do anything for a friend. You must have seen all my “Missing my friend” poems and post on this particular person. He was a Gem of a friend. People used to envy our friendship until something something…Personally, it was my fault about what had happened. I was such an idiot to lose such a wonderful friend who wanted to my friend eternally. My dear Praveen is the sweetest of all the guys in class. He is a good friend, a funny and caring guy. I just hope that everything I said doesn’t happen and he lives happily ever after without seeing me after college days.

PS: To Praveen, I’m not as bad as you think I am. What I did was wrong but I just hated to see you cry. You are like my little bro so you mean a lot to me now and forever!!! :) and never hesitate to come back to me, because I’m waiting to be with you again. Love you lots and missing you very badly.

Roll No:25 Nishanth The margazhi dog. Lol. Just kidding. He is the silent killer. The master blaster of our class. Exceptionally talented and intelligent to the core. Main aim in life: to get married to a girl with all the riches. Well, and he sort of achieved it also by going on with my class” TRISHA” (lol) Akila. Quite a businessman and also known to steal ideas from others. Not a hard worker, but a smart one. He knows what he wants in life and he also knows how to get it the smart way. I am very honoured and proud to have such a beloved friend, who stands up for friendship. I really like his guts and I also know a little secret about you which is never mentioned in public. Guys, Wanna know??? Ask him yourself.

Roll No: 26 Winya I present to you the “BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL” Winya. She is hot some times and not so hot the other times. Lol. The greatest person in class who knows how to handle things the right way. Winya is a real fashion freak who loves clothes, footwear and other accessories. One of the boldest girls in class and stands up for right things only. She is awesome and sweet. Gets teased by all the guys in class for various reasons which have least effected her in anyways. Good Public Speaker and has a lot of common sense with which she oozes us all. I hate the way she speaks Tamil even though she is from down south herself.

To be continued…

PS: Guys, I have my exams starting from the fourth of November. I’ll try to read up the posts and keep you updated about my first blogovesary.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Talking about divorce…


The hottest topic of the day being love and love marriages. I was quite curious to find out how many people in my class are really into love and love marriages since we were discussing about it. As usual the guys were all joking about it by saying that they would get married to a girl and then divorce her within in the next three months and then get going with another girl. Then this thing struck me, let me check about the divorce rates in India.Here is something I felt about it.

Marriages in different parts of the world are done differently.In olden days, tribal men kidnap girls from other tribes to marry them. In the western world, as we know it, they have the right to “choose” the person they prefer on the basis of love. In India, a common practices was arranged marriage. It is said that the divorce rate have a direct impact on the level of choosing their own spouse.i.e. Love marriages. And according the research, it is happened only in the recent times.

If you see the picture below, you will find that India, compared to all the other countries has the lowest divorce rate but is increasing certainly at a very high speed during the past decade.divorcerate1_1_1 Divorcerate2_2_1

Even though India still enjoys a low divorce rate, the rapid increase in the number of divorce petitions being filed in Indian courts is certainly a matter of concern. The Indian divorce rate is although the lowest in compared to the rest of the countries of the world, but the present marital scenario in India is likely under a threat. The very will to keep on with the sacred union even under numerous marital disputes and disparities has mellowed with time and transformation of ideologies.

And if you trace out the reasons for these divorces, you will find that the blame has been placed on the women empowerment, the literacy rate and the financial independency.

  • Lets look at the reasons for the increasing rate of divorces in India:
  • 1. Earlier when the women divorced she was faced with social criticisms. They believed that the parents would not accept them and think of them as a burden. But times are changing now. The parents feel and understood the fact that it is not the end of the daughter’s life if she was divorced.
  • 2. Due to factors such as Globalization and IT boom, the social life has become faster. The couples aren’t spending enough times with each other and also in this fast paced world nobody is bothered about social ill- effects or rather not effect the glare of the society.
  • 3. With the advent of women education, they are not anymore depend on the men for their financial needs. Therefore, she doesn’t have to anymore stand the abuse and harass made by the men. She can get out of it and get on with her life on her own or as well as the kids, if any.
  • But are these the only reason why we are moving into the different
  • pace, and don’t you think that the above mentioned reasons are fair
  • enough and logical for the betterment of the better half, WOMEN.
  • PS: I am not being bias here. I still believe that there are some real men who take care of their wives as if they were Queen and Hats off to you all.. This post is dedicated to my dad because he belongs to that category.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The tribute continues 2….

Roll No:16 Pradap Kumar: He is like this big boy of class. He remodels bikes and cars and loves it. He changed his pulsar into something totally crazy and funky which looks gr8 to me atleast. He is one of those hostel guys and comes to college once or twice a week. Most of the time, these guys are boozed or sleeping! Every night is PARTY night there. I kinda feel jealous about it. Pradap is from kovai and is very proud about it. He looks silent and quite but in reality, he is a terror. He once lost his phone and was very upset about it because he had that phone for more than 3 years. Some sort of girl friend sentiment, I guess. Lol. Rowdy Pradap

Roll No:17 Shiva: Ah… Shiva. He is like this one crazy guy whose leg is pulled by all the guys and girls in class. He comes up with some of the mokkaiest of statements in the history of mokkais. The best part is that he never is afraid about anybody. He lives in hostel too. The only guy, who doesn’t drink or smoke among them. He is honest, sincere and very passionate about this course. He is a sweet heart. I talk a lot to him and we help a lot during exams and studies and stuff. One guy who liked my blog and wanted to start one for himself after seeing mine.(:P). Shiva, you are the one of the craziest friend I ever had and will always be there.. Thanks again for your friendship.

Roll No:18 Marudhu Pandian: Future Finance Minister!!! Well, may be, you never know. Actually, his father is a hard core politician so since Marudhu has done Finance, he would want to be the next FM. And also he is planning to start up a new institute for MBA called MIPM(Marudhu’s Institute of Planning and Management). He is a macho man!! Looks like a army guy and but not so rough n tough. He was in love with a girl but they broke up, but he still loves her. He called himself “ BIG BABY” Hope you understand what it mean.. Still a baby in a grown body.

Roll No: 19 Ajith Bohra: He is a male chauvinist. He acts as if girls are meant to be under his feet. I really don’t care about what he thinks and perceives about girls and if he is such a thing, I don’t give a damn about it either. You hardly see him in class. Doesn’t really respect girls and also thinks that we are meant for only carrying babies and cook for men. Such kinda guys are just not worth talking about.

Roll No: 20 Neelam : She is a short girl. Very cute and loves to wear long tops. She is engaged already. Can’t wait to get married next year. Whenever she does presentation, its hard to see her stand because the podium is bigger than her, so she gets teased a lot by the guys for that but still doesn’t care about it. She does all her on time and is good at studies. She is a doll and pretty cool to have her as a friend.. You can count on her and she is always ready to help you whenever needed.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

The tribute continues..

Roll No:7 Fadil: Referred as fidil or lots of others things which I dont want to mention. Thats because I said no bias. lol. Fadil is a great guy!! He is quite and sweet. He is sort of like a loner in class. Nobody pays attention to him but that guy has some serious thought process and knows what he does. He gets irritated by most of my classmates but don’t really care about it. The attitude I like in him. I think he should be more attentive and more punctual in class( who talking about that!!)
Roll No 8 and 9 have also left class and joined the other section.
Roll No: 10 Hariharan Nothing much to write.. I don't know what to say...
Roll No:11 left the building. Its stupid this college doesn’t remove them and replace the roll numbers below…
Roll No:12 Jagdev Small boy. hardly seen in class or college. appears once in a while like the rains in Chennai. Nothing much to say but he has a lot of talent at that very young age..
Roll No:13 Jayesh According to me, he is the only one who is and acts like an MBA in class. Jayesh is well composed and good in things that he does. He is like this only intelligent guy in class who asks sensible questions which are accepted by the faculty. He is a hard core banker and atleast knows where he wants to be in his life( unlike like others with no sense of responsibility). Good guy, easy-going and I love your smile. So keep smiling which is the best thing about you!! :)
Roll no:14: left the building!!
Roll No: 15 Mukesh : He never attends class except for test so nothing much about him from my side, may be the guys would know something!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Tribute to Fall-winter 2008-10/Finance-2 IIPM,Chennai

This is about my class the one which I’ve studied and changed for just to be with them. This is going to the last few more months that we will all be seeing each other and after that, god knows where we will be. I love my class and I’m very proud of each and everybody, no matter what. It is said the post grads students are more mature and know how to behave and are responsible but my class.(PGP/fw0810/f2) has the worst of records for being the worst Post Graduation Class in the history of IIPM. We are so naughty, arrogant, always getting into trouble, thinking out of the box, we never study, copy in exams, play most of the time. Our presentations are the worst sometimes but also the best most of the time. 1st semester in the history, we had 40 arrears in marketing which never happens in any class as we all love our professor, Mr . Satheesh Krishnamurthy. Enough of all the talk about how irresponsible and arrogant we are.

This post is about each and every person in my class. its going to be quite a lengthy one and split it into smaller ones since we have about 45 in class, so please excusez-moi !! :), but I'll make sure you’ll enjoy reading every minute of it!!!

Very important note: I am not being bias with anybody. This is my perception about you.


Roll No:1 Mohamed Arif – We call him “Call rep” ,  “Mechanic”, “Computer operator”, etc… RF is a very sweet and funny guy!! always there when you need him. He has a Dubba (useless) Yamaha bike. Takes all the college magazines and puts it in the old paper shop and takes the money. Actually these magazines are meant for us to read but we don’t so as well make money out of it.  RF is like the best commentator in class. We comment lots of stuff when the class are going on. RF is one in a million and “US Goner”( a term coined by Ram Prasad, who will come in the later part of these posts) meaning a person going to US. Glad to have known you !!

Roll No:2 Arun Chakaravathy- The King of masses. The cute, chubby and very friendly Arun. Where to start?? One of the first few friends who stand by me every time. He is a man of the problems. Arun is very naughty!! Keep giving against statements. Arun is very close to my heart and will always be there. I share a very special kind of friendship with him. We’ve shared a lot and in class, we always sit together. Talk a lot during lectures about jobs, placements, life, love, friendship, family, cooking( well he teaches me that). He is the demo guy. He hates coming to college such a lazy goose and blames others for it which I keep telling not to do. Arun, The bond between us should never break. Hope so.

Roll No:3 Mrs. Priyanka – The married woman in class!! Strict officer. I don’t blame her for being that. I admire her sense of control over the things in her life. She lives with a fellow classmate as the husband is in Australia. She was kinda close to me at the beginning of the college and then things changed. We had a lot difference of opinion and she has a attitude problem. If anyone asks her for help, then she’ll be like “ Do I have to” or “ Why should I help you?”  Some times, things get too annoying when she comment on every presentation which goes on. She is authoritative and like to be the Boss. She is kinda okay something. I like her self- confidence and hate her behaviour and attitude. May be that's wrong for me!! She is a unique piece, btw. No substitutes there, Priyanka. Good to have met a character like you in my life.

Roll No:4 This guy left my class. I don’t even remember the name… There are certain specimens like that. :)

Roll No:5 Shankar – Shanki is a very sincere and loyal person. This does not include the main purpose of joining this college- Academics. Shankar stays in a house with a few guys from the same class. They always come in and go out as a gang. Shankar loves his girl and he is constantly on the phone with her. He is such a jolly good fellow.. And likes this girl called Shivangi in class. ( hope that poom doesn’t know about it ). He is a sweetheart and lacks the confidence !! I think he is a very able and capable person who will do great things in the future, only if he concentrates on them. Shankar hats off to you. Thanks for being my friend.

Roll No:6 Dhilip Kumar- This guy is looks small but is intellectually capable of lot of things. He knows when and what to do. He joined in the second year as he came from other section as we where shifted. Kinda like this padips in class( geek), sweet, innocent, talks a lot.  He is ready to help anybody.  Dhilip is cool and gives all this work on time. Never misses out to have fun along with my class. Its great to know you.

To be continued….

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Two Things....

Very important two things I miss now a days...

1. My sister who left for higher education and I'm unable to get out of the thoughts how she cries every time we talk to her... She is so innocent, all these days wrapped in the arms of my father and suddenly let out free to live on her own. It will take her quiet some time to settle down.

2. My blog- I hardly blog these.. I read all the other posts of my fellow blogger but just unable to write what I have in my mind. I have so many things to talk about yet I am unable to get words. Maybe its because of reason 1 or may be??  Then I thought, was I being lazy?? I am never lazy when it comes to blogging.. This is something that I do whole heartedly and love every second of it.. So it must be reason 1. So gimme sometime.. I'm yet to figure out to put words on the posts. I'll make sure to come out with a bang

Friday, October 16, 2009

A few Tags….

TAG 1 : Brands Tag

(tagged by Shankar and Sreya)

The brands which I use everyday.. Once when I was in the first year of my college I got this message from a friend of mine who sent me a list of brands which are Indian and asked me to use them as much as possible. He explained that this would increase the revenue to India. So I try to do it as much as possible.. But since this globalization everything changes..

“Dell Vostro Laptop”: This was given to me by my college for my MBA education. I cannot live without it now even for single day.  dell-vostro-1510

“Motorola Rockr z6”: My mobile phone which is 3 years old but still going strong and I love it for the music.


“IIPM”: Being a student, I love the brand value of it yet some things are just not right...



“Aircel”: The only mobile phone service provider I’ve used for more than 6 years.Aircel-Logo

“Titan Raga” – My Executive watch 



“Fastrack”- My funky Collection

wt589_large    RRP0324_1lg


“Google” – My favourite Search Engine.   



“Colgate” – Only toothpaste I’ve used all my life.



“Dove” – My soap, shampoo and conditioner.



“ Blogger”- My favourite portal for blogging!!



“GRT” – The only jeweler, my mom prefers.



“Jang”- Bags



“Arun Ice Creams”- Always



“Satyam Cinemas”- For movies and fun


sathyam logo


TAG 2:

RULE 1- You can only say Guilty or Innocent.
RULE 2- You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you and asks!
RULE 3- Copy and paste this into your notes , delete my answers, type in your answers and tag to your friends to answer this.
So here I goes the answers( Truthful about the answers) : 
Asked someone to marry you? Guilty
Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Innocent
Danced on a table in a bar? Innocent
Ever told a lie? Guilty.
Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back? Guilty.
Kissed a picture? Guilty.
Slept in until 5 PM? Guilty
Fallen asleep at work/school? Guilty
Held a snake? Innocent.
Been suspended from school? Innocent.
Worked at a fast food restaurant? Innocent.
Stolen from a store? Innocent
Been fired from a job? Innocent.
Done something you regret? Guilty.

Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose? Guilty.
Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Innocent.
Kissed in the rain? Guilty.
Sat on a roof top? Guilty.
Kissed someone you shouldn’t? Guilty.
Sang in the shower? Guilty.
Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent.
Shaved your head? Innocent.
Had a boxing membership? Innocent.
Made a boyfriend cry? Guilty.
Been in a band? Innocent.
Shot a gun? Innocent.
Donated Blood? Guilty.
Eaten alligator meat? Innocent.
Eaten cheesecake? Guilty.
Still love someone you shouldn’t? Guilty.
Have/had a tattoo? Innocent.
Liked someone, but will never tell who? Guilty.
Been too honest? Guilty.
Ruined a surprise? Innocent.
Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn’t walk afterwards? Guilty.
Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty.
Dressed in a woman’s clothes (if you’re a guy) or man’s clothes (if you’re a girl)? Guilty.
Joined a pageant? Innocent.
Been told that you’re handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said?Guilty.
Had communication with your ex? Guilty.
Got totally drunk on the night before exam? Innocent.
Got totally angry that you cried so hard? Guilty.

TAG3 : How DUMB are you?

The more [x]’ s the “dumber” you are.

[x] Gum has fallen out of your mouth when you were talking
[  ] Gum has fallen out of your mouth when you were NOT talking
[x] You have ran into a glass/screen door
[ ] You have jumped out of a moving vehicle
[ ] You have thought of something funny while walking by yourself
[ ] Laughed, then watched people give you weird looks

So far: 2

[  ] You have run into a tree/bush.
[  ] You know that it IS possible to lick your elbow
[  ] You have tried to lick your elbow… a few times
[x] You never knew that the Alphabet and Twinkle Twinkle little star have the same rhythm.
[  ] You just tried to sing them.

So far: 3
[x] You have tripped on your shoelace and fallen.
[ ] You have choked on your own spit .
[ ] You have seen the Matrix and still don’t get it.
[ ] You’ve never seen the Matrix.
[ ] You type only with two fingers.

So far: 4

[ ] You have accidentally caught something on fire
[x] You tried to drink out of a straw, but it went into your nose/eyes.
[ ] You have caught yourself drooling.
[ ] You have fallen asleep in class and fell outta your chair

So far: 5
[x] Sometimes you just stop thinking
[x] You are telling a story and forget what you were talking about
[ ] People often shake their heads and walk away from you
[ ] You are often told to use your “inside voice”.
[x] You use your fingers to do simple math

So far: 8

[ ] You have eaten a bug
[x] You are taking this test when you should be doing something more important
[ ] You have put your clothes on backwards or inside out, and didn’t realize it
[x] You’ve looked all over for something and realized it was in your hand
[ ] You have ran around naked in your house.

So far: 11
[ ] You repost bulletins because you are scared that what they say will happen to you if you don’t.
[x] You break a lot of things.
[ ] Your friends know not to use big words around you.
[ ] You tilt your head when you’re confused
[ ] You have fallen out of your chair before

So far: 12

[ ] When you’re lying in bed, you try to find pictures in the texture of the ceiling or wall
[ ] The word “ummmmm” is used many times a day.


I am (12/37)*100 = 32.4% DUMB :) (Thank God!!!)

TAG 4 : Questions

RULES: Respond and rework – answer these questions on your blog, replace one question that you dislike with a question of your own, and add one more question to the list. Then tag eight or ten other new set of people.

1. What is your current obsession? Blogging
2. What are you wearing today?
3. What’s for dinner?
I wish it was chicken curry

4. What’s the last thing you bought?

5. What are you listening to right now?
Cricket Comments from my dad.

6. What do you think about the person who tagged you?
Sreya, is a very sweet and heartwarming intelligent person.
7. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?

8. What are your must-have pieces for summer?
What pieces??
9. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go? To my sister who is crying her wits out for being alone
10. Which language do you want to learn? Hindi
11. What’s your favourite quote? Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. -Winston Churchill

12. Who do you want to meet right now? My sister
13. What is your favourite colour?
14. What is your favourite piece of clothing in your own closet?
My black kurta
15. What is your dream job?
Women Entrepreneur
16. What’s your favourite magazine?
17. If you had $100 now, what would you spend it on?
Buy myself a domain and start my own website...

18. What do you consider a fashion faux pas?
No Clue

19. Who according to you is the most over-rated style icon?
20. What kind of haircut do you prefer?

21. What are you going to do after this?
Email my sister

22. Who is your favourite sport star?
Sachin Tendulkar

23. What are three cosmetic/makeup/perfume products that you can't live without?
Mascara, eyeliner and lip balm.
24. What inspires you?
Life, nature, purity and Kalam
25. Give us three styling tips that always work for you:
Be yourself and smile a lot…

26. What do you do when you “have nothing to wear” (even though your closet’s packed)?
Kurta and jeans.

27. Coffee or tea?

28. What do you do when you are feeling low or terribly depressed?
29. What is the meaning of your name?
Goddess of lakshmi. (I guess)

30. Which other blogs do you love visiting?
The ones I follow.
31. Favorite Dessert/Sweet?
Black forest cake
32. Favorite Season?
Summer and winter... (No bias there)

33. If I come to your house now, what would u cook for me?
I can make some chapattis and panner butter Masala..
34. What is the right way to avoid people who purposefully hurt you
? Don’t give a damn about them… They are just not worth it.
35. What are you afraid of the most? Losing friends

36. What do you love most about yourself?

I am very confident and always try to keep my cool, no matter what. I accept mistakes and learn from them.

Awww… That was done.. Had it kept in my folder for such a long time.. Thank you sreya and Shankar for tagging me.. Okay so my turn to tag.

I tag Raji, Anand, Shruti, Soin, Vishnu and others who would love to do this long tag list…

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Dream of a Dog

This is a story given written by my friend Sriram.. This is for you to read... Please give me your comments on it.

Mr. Chris Wardwell a famous doctor -My boss
     He is well known by all. I too know about him a little more. It’s  really hard for anyone to cope up with people having different mindsets. But, my boss does the job very easily.
       He is adorable. Being a doctor, he did many things to his profession and at the same time he kept one of his eyes on me. I will be sitting near a big clock, which occupies half part in his bedroom.
       He got that clock from Elizabeth Sansow as a token of love.
My eyes will be waiting for the “Big rod” in the clock to stand straight and the “Small rod” to retain three steps behind from the “Big rod” (9.00pm)
       And it’s time for him to fondle me and it will make my tail to move ‘to and fro’ He goes for sleep if the ‘small rod’ in the clock moves to the next place.
       So, my qualm hates the clock because it limits his time with me. I want him for the whole day.
(25.10.2006) Two incident made this day unforgettable.
First Incident:
        My Boss birthday.......Outside garden is filled with cars and my eyes also found colourful pairs of foot wears and thus it made me to conclude it as a grand function. I decided to sing a birthday song for him so, I was murmuring.
                             “Hoo..Hoo…. Hooooooo”
        I was too busy in that party. My tongue tasted delicious foods. I felt very tired and my bed invited me for a snooze. The speed of my walk became slow and I just crawled.
Second Incident:-
       I slowly got into dream. It was a surprise dream. I dreamt myself becoming a (8 years old boy) with strange habits.
Usually, it’s natural to fumble while choosing the best among alternative. But, I am exception to this.
      I would not struggle and I will simply do that with the help of single coin.
      Yes…  I use to toss the coin to choose the alternative but I will do the opposite effect.
                 ‘Craig’ a lady called.
      Then, I recognized that’s me and that lady my mom “Yancy”. Later I came to know about two more pillars which hangs my family..
      One is the head of the family my papu. “David Krintzman” and other is my loving sister “Laura”.
     One day I was not doing my homework....If I go to school I will be getting punishment from my teacher.
      No problem, if I remain in home.
There were two alternatives
     So for the first time, I made use of the coin....I was ready to toss. I closed my eyes and I assigned the alternatives in the coin.
       “If it is head i should go to school and if it is tail I can remain in home”.
Then I threw the coin.
         Fortunately, it was tail, I stayed in home and I did the opposite effect.(i.e) I asked my mom to punish me. At evening, I met my dudes and they called me for play. But, mom suggested me to do the pending home works. Once again they made me to use the coin.
                       ‘Coin favoured play’
          As usual, I did the opposite effect. I went to playground but, I did homework by sitting on the green floor.
Years went fast.
           I got my degree and also call for interview from a big concern. I appeared for the interview. There were two persons sitting before me. At first, I introduced myself and I showed my certificates. Then, they gave me a riddle; I successfully finished that with the help of a coin and got placement with decent salary package.
           I thought my habit of tossing the coin helped me. I did many things with the help of coin. Many friends and relatives tried their level best to stop me doing this habit.. But, they failed. I didn’t listen to them.
          I got good colleagues. We had small chats during the free time. One of my colleagues is ‘Maya’. I love her very much. One day I decided to disclose everything to her and at the same time i was a little bit worried about the result. There happened a big battle between my heart and mind. Whether to propose by myself or through the M.D’s daughter ‘Julie’ who is a common friend for both of us. My mind threatened me about the result and also suggested me to move with the help of ‘Julie’. But, my heart opposed this. I sought the help of the coin.
                       “ Heart won the toss”
          I went to ‘Maya’ and said I am in love with the M.D’s daughter ‘Julie’. This spread like a fire and my M.D punished me. Due to this, I lost love, friendship, job and also my hope. I absconded from that place and made myself alone. I became pauper.
          I felt, the doors of the ‘Heaven’ were waiting for me. I decided not to live.
         Again there was an alternative one is to commit suicide by drinking poison and the other is to share everything with ‘Laura- my sister’.
                 “Coin went high in the air
         As per the suggestion given by the coin, I saw my sister. That was a blunder. Instead of sharing my sorrow, I gave poison to my sister. My parents thought she committed suicide but I know the truth and I was depressed. So, my parents confined me in to the bed in the form of treatment.
                       Then, migration took place.
         I went to many places for treatment. I didn’t recover from the tragedy. This incident made me feel guilty. I decided to put an end for this. So I have been thinking about my habit for days.
I took the coin and threw it for the purpose of toss, whether to have this habit of not.
Coin rotated frequently and few feet to know the result.
          ‘Marcus’ (dog name) a voice interrupted.
        I woke up. Sweating from the face of my boss made me to realise that, it was time for his ‘morning walk’ and I realised all that was just a dream but still I couldn’t recover from the dream and the myth...He provided ‘two’ flavours of pedigree for my breakfast.
     "I rushed towards his bedroom in search of coin."

Sriram Senthamizhan

Monday, October 5, 2009

A New Addiction

This is my new addiction. Its my fish Aquarium on Facebook. I hardly visit all these so-called-networking sites. About a week ago, I had this invite from a friend who wanted me to join on this game called Aquarium. It just started out as a game but now I just cannot leave them out.. OMG!!! Its already time... I've got to feed them.. C ya later..

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Indian Dream

This post has been published by me as a part of the Blog-a-Ton 3; the third edition of the online marathon of Bloggers; where we decide and we write. To be part of the next edition, visit and start following Blog-a-Ton.
 I was keeping this window open for more than 2 hours and wondering what to write and how to approach this topic. Quite confused on how to go about with it. Well, I hope this approach is what I'm here to convey and you would like it too!!

The Indian dream
This topic can be dealt with various approaches but for me, I think we should take into account the time factor also. Like for example we would want to see this "type" of India by 2020 or 2025 or something like that.
So I would like to get with my argument what I would want to see in my India by  2050.
I would like to convey my thoughts through a small story.

The classic middle class in 2050(India).
 "Dad, today, in class my teacher was telling about how India was in the year 2009 and I couldn't believe when she said we had so many poor people. I've never heard of the word " POVERTY" until today." , squealed the 15 year old son.

Dad replies, " Son, there was a time when India was so populated, we barely had space to stand, but that population has been the backbone of our nations growth to this level. Yes, we had something called as "POVERTY". " 

The son gasped. " So were we also poor?"

" Oh yes we were... I remember going to school in an auto which doesn't exist in India anymore, but you can see them in America. Why don't you bring my looptop(our laptop), so that I can gooooooogle(now 10 million dollar company ) it for you."

" Dad, haven't I told you not to use gooooooogle, its not techie enough like our infy search(Infosys now 100 billion dollar company who outsources all their work to the European countries because they are more cost effective than the Indian)"

" Son, you know I've got used to goooooogle so please don't force me to use anything else."

" But dad, we are Indians, how can we use another countries search engine which is also so boring, btw. Come on dad, even Shasha uses Infy and she is just 2 years old."

 "Lets talk about this later. Now let me get to the point about poverty. We also had something called as Corruption.Don't be surprise to know all this really existed in India.(looking at his son's face ) They were totally eradicated by the new Prime minister Mr. Rahul Gandhi, in the year 2020."

"Oh ya!! Rahul Gandhi, he's the man. Remember that email I got from him thanking me for the idea on saving  America from the deeeeep depression. I also heard that he talked to Vimala last thursday over the t-chat on the togglenet. ( Innovative Idea from Tech Mahindra Satyam which later became the top notch IT solution company in the world.)"

"We never had even the chance of meeting our Prime Ministers those days. This concept of making Politics into an friendly manner was the best thing that happened after the fall of the then so-called-best economy USA"

"But dad, lets compare the things which we have now in 2050 and then in 2009, when you were in your teens. I think this will be quite interesting for my upcoming thesis work for school."

"I was very naughty as a teen, son and the day I met your mother in the blue T-shirt was the day I realised she was everything."

" T- Shirt?? What was that clothing?? I prefer to wear my dhoti to college and cannot wait to get out of my uniform. BTW, I would want to definitely meet my wife in a Saree  rather than anything else.( This is in 2050, don't ask me why??)

" We had many terrorist attack those days and finally it  took us some years to figure out that we've had enough of terrorism and it was talked over to the Pakistan(now a friendly neighbouring country) which was sorted out through non-violence."

"Ah, so thats why we don't buy guns anymore and they don't make any new nuclear weapons!!"

"Yes, Well India played the major part in that. You see,son, those days we would dream to have an India like today but we always thought it would definitely be only a dream but people like me who were young those days made sure that the next gen would not become what we were those days. So hats off to all those youth who dreamed to have the better India. BTW, We called it " The Indian Dream!! And Son, you are living it."

 "Thanks dad, for those great insight on India. Don't worry no more because we are here to take your position of keeping India where it is today.And we shall always treasure its glory"

I hope I conveyed what I was wanting to tell. I tried to do something different. In my opinion, " The Indian Dream" doesn't always have to be a dream but it can also happen in reality if people like us work towards it. I know that we are heading towards it and we will make it in the near future. Until then, Lets join and march towards the better India which we are all dying to see.. All the best to everyone. Jai Hind!!! 

Image courtesy: Google
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