Monday, October 17, 2011

Do good anyways

People may be selfish, cruel, and 2-faced.
You do good anyway.

If you are happy and content in life, people will be jealous.
Be happy and do good anyway.

When you give your best, it may not be good enough.
Give your best shot and do good anyway.

When you are honest and true to heart, people may deceive you.
Be honest and do good anyway.

When you are rich and successful, you will have many friends who aren't real friends.
Treat them well and do good anyway.

When you are kind and helpful, people will accuse you of have some motive.
Be kind and do good anyway.

When you do something bad, it will be remembered for years. When you do something good, it will be forgotten in a day.
Nevertheless, do good anyway.

God is there watching from up above, no good deed goes unnoticed.
So do good anyway.

~ Mother Teresa


Raji said...

Very inspiring! Loved reading each line...Thanks!

Anu said...

Beautiful.. This hangs right above my study table.... Something that all of us need a gentle remider of.. :)

Arnav said...

The words are truly inspiring :)
Thanks for Sharing such beautiful thoughts :)

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