Monday, July 12, 2010

Waiting for a Prince

Sitting all alone in her room,
Waiting for her prince to come through.
Left only with her agony,
She wonders to herself why me.
She's read all the stories of true love,
And looks to the stars up above.
Hoping to see a sign,
Wondering when it will be her time.
Will her prince ever come,
Or will she be left alone in the sun.
Maybe it's not made for her,
She's always left unsure.
She thinks about the day her prince will arrive,
Without his love she feels deprived.
Love comes to all but she,
Soon she wonders if it will ever be.
A prince is all she needs to be fine,
Instead of just trying to survive.
Happily ever after is what she needs,
With it she will be freed.

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