Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Things men always wanted to tell women….

This being the first guest post on my blog, I thank SIDDHESH from SID-O-SCOPE. We, bloggers, call him Sid. He is the funny man of the blogger world. He is one of the most optimistic creatures that were ever born in the world. He writes for the passion and Fame. Sid, Thank you for giving this post on time. : P

Long time ago when God created first man, he knew nothing… he learned roaring from the lion,
ImageDisplayhe learned hunting from the tiger, he learned puffing his chest from the gorillas… God watched in pride his accomplishment and was fairly pleased with his creation… created the first woman who came inbuilt with all the powers, the man took ages to master. So the next time the man decided to roar…well…
So like now Raji asked me to open those things which men have been trying to trying to speak up for like…ages, with not sound effect.
Now as a personal note, remember its not me, it the whole male population, don't blame the messenger, blame the message. Ok, still want to kill me? I am going down bury myself in sand and hide. 

Now take a deep breath and read the list until I run away from here.
1. No, I will not meet your sister's husband's sister-in-law's husband's sister over lunch. (or any other relative for that matter, and I won't keep a track of what exactly is their relation with you or me)
2. No, I am NOT upset with you. NOR, am I NOT in love with you. India just lost the match last evening and I do not want to talk about it… like ever. (This is true)
3. I am drinking to forget the last match which India lost. (Don't ask me again)
4. I cannot remember the birthdays of your family and friends, no and I do NOT remember the day we met, NOR am I interested in celebrating our Weekiversary (what the hell does it mean btw?), monthliversary (ok, seriously!!!!)
5. For God sake, the rear wear mirror of your car is NOT supposed to be used to check if your hair, lipstick, makeup and traffic red-light is definitely NOT a place to do it. (And no I am not honking my horn for last minute because you are pretty, drive on)
6. No, you do not look fat in this dress, you look fat in ALL your clothes. (Fatness is irrespective of the clothes)
7. No, I was NOT looking at you, I AM looking at the chocolate in your hand. (Ok, this is an excuse, I was looking at you, but 
its not eve teasing, you are pretty and you know it…bhaav mat kha and yes I want that chocolate, I am hungry)
8.  No, it is not cute, that I carry your BAGS all the way across mall, while you PRAISE I am so sweet. (And it is also not cute that you talk to your friends how I carry your bag, while I am still there)
9. No, your Scooty is NOT a good place to sit in the middle of the road, chatting with a friend, who is sitting on her scooty, about your college days during rush hour. (and middle of the street does not sound good meeting place either)
10. I cannot read your mind, please speak. (I am a normal human being)
A note, I am simply a messenger, don't blame me. I did not say the things, I said above.
Disclaimer: The whole thing is written in good faith and in only meant for fun. It has no relationship with any person, group of persons or totally anyone.

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