Monday, March 1, 2010


We have a new neighbour who has a 2 months old baby. She is the most divine thing you would ever see. Being with her almost everyday for the past one week made me think of this poem. I really want one of those!! Truly god's creation Beautiful babies!  

Those little pink pounds of flesh,
Fresh from the heavens above.
Sudden spurt of crib and crèche,
And loads and loads of love.

They come with a cry,
Take over with a bang,
They wipe away sigh,
And every sad song sang.

Demands from the first gasp,
They make to feed and change;
There's never an open clasp,
To sort life or even rearrange

They are answers to prayers, 
And come to add meaning,
To babble and teddy bears,
And timely spring cleaning

The first turn, the first, "mum",
The first flip, the first crawl;
The first step, the first tantrum,
The first pet, the first brawl.

Suddenly, there is never a dull second. 
Suddenly, there is sunshine all around.
Suddenly, there is parenting reckoned.
Suddenly, the need for practice ground.

They are our lessons in innocence.
They stand for all so pure and true.
Babies are the only quintessence,
Of the vast love that is within you.

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