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The Dream of a Dog

This is a story given written by my friend Sriram.. This is for you to read... Please give me your comments on it.

Mr. Chris Wardwell a famous doctor -My boss
     He is well known by all. I too know about him a little more. It’s  really hard for anyone to cope up with people having different mindsets. But, my boss does the job very easily.
       He is adorable. Being a doctor, he did many things to his profession and at the same time he kept one of his eyes on me. I will be sitting near a big clock, which occupies half part in his bedroom.
       He got that clock from Elizabeth Sansow as a token of love.
My eyes will be waiting for the “Big rod” in the clock to stand straight and the “Small rod” to retain three steps behind from the “Big rod” (9.00pm)
       And it’s time for him to fondle me and it will make my tail to move ‘to and fro’ He goes for sleep if the ‘small rod’ in the clock moves to the next place.
       So, my qualm hates the clock because it limits his time with me. I want him for the whole day.
(25.10.2006) Two incident made this day unforgettable.
First Incident:
        My Boss birthday.......Outside garden is filled with cars and my eyes also found colourful pairs of foot wears and thus it made me to conclude it as a grand function. I decided to sing a birthday song for him so, I was murmuring.
                             “Hoo..Hoo…. Hooooooo”
        I was too busy in that party. My tongue tasted delicious foods. I felt very tired and my bed invited me for a snooze. The speed of my walk became slow and I just crawled.
Second Incident:-
       I slowly got into dream. It was a surprise dream. I dreamt myself becoming a (8 years old boy) with strange habits.
Usually, it’s natural to fumble while choosing the best among alternative. But, I am exception to this.
      I would not struggle and I will simply do that with the help of single coin.
      Yes…  I use to toss the coin to choose the alternative but I will do the opposite effect.
                 ‘Craig’ a lady called.
      Then, I recognized that’s me and that lady my mom “Yancy”. Later I came to know about two more pillars which hangs my family..
      One is the head of the family my papu. “David Krintzman” and other is my loving sister “Laura”.
     One day I was not doing my homework....If I go to school I will be getting punishment from my teacher.
      No problem, if I remain in home.
There were two alternatives
     So for the first time, I made use of the coin....I was ready to toss. I closed my eyes and I assigned the alternatives in the coin.
       “If it is head i should go to school and if it is tail I can remain in home”.
Then I threw the coin.
         Fortunately, it was tail, I stayed in home and I did the opposite effect.(i.e) I asked my mom to punish me. At evening, I met my dudes and they called me for play. But, mom suggested me to do the pending home works. Once again they made me to use the coin.
                       ‘Coin favoured play’
          As usual, I did the opposite effect. I went to playground but, I did homework by sitting on the green floor.
Years went fast.
           I got my degree and also call for interview from a big concern. I appeared for the interview. There were two persons sitting before me. At first, I introduced myself and I showed my certificates. Then, they gave me a riddle; I successfully finished that with the help of a coin and got placement with decent salary package.
           I thought my habit of tossing the coin helped me. I did many things with the help of coin. Many friends and relatives tried their level best to stop me doing this habit.. But, they failed. I didn’t listen to them.
          I got good colleagues. We had small chats during the free time. One of my colleagues is ‘Maya’. I love her very much. One day I decided to disclose everything to her and at the same time i was a little bit worried about the result. There happened a big battle between my heart and mind. Whether to propose by myself or through the M.D’s daughter ‘Julie’ who is a common friend for both of us. My mind threatened me about the result and also suggested me to move with the help of ‘Julie’. But, my heart opposed this. I sought the help of the coin.
                       “ Heart won the toss”
          I went to ‘Maya’ and said I am in love with the M.D’s daughter ‘Julie’. This spread like a fire and my M.D punished me. Due to this, I lost love, friendship, job and also my hope. I absconded from that place and made myself alone. I became pauper.
          I felt, the doors of the ‘Heaven’ were waiting for me. I decided not to live.
         Again there was an alternative one is to commit suicide by drinking poison and the other is to share everything with ‘Laura- my sister’.
                 “Coin went high in the air
         As per the suggestion given by the coin, I saw my sister. That was a blunder. Instead of sharing my sorrow, I gave poison to my sister. My parents thought she committed suicide but I know the truth and I was depressed. So, my parents confined me in to the bed in the form of treatment.
                       Then, migration took place.
         I went to many places for treatment. I didn’t recover from the tragedy. This incident made me feel guilty. I decided to put an end for this. So I have been thinking about my habit for days.
I took the coin and threw it for the purpose of toss, whether to have this habit of not.
Coin rotated frequently and few feet to know the result.
          ‘Marcus’ (dog name) a voice interrupted.
        I woke up. Sweating from the face of my boss made me to realise that, it was time for his ‘morning walk’ and I realised all that was just a dream but still I couldn’t recover from the dream and the myth...He provided ‘two’ flavours of pedigree for my breakfast.
     "I rushed towards his bedroom in search of coin."

Sriram Senthamizhan


soin said...

a guy imagining how a dog will dream. hmm.. nice.. and your blog scrolling goes on for

pra said...

This is a nice story. It remided me of movie Sholey. Two friends use to solve their fight with the help of coin which has only one face!Lol!!

Shankar said...

very nice story.... thinking from a dog's perspective... really good one...

Raji said...

Gud one...

Shruti said...

Hey, very nice story girlie!!

sriram said...

hey thaak you guys. its me sriram who wrote the story and iam keep writing too..

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