Thursday, October 1, 2009

Smiling @ strangers…




I was past the bridge on kotturpuram. Suddenly, I notice a woman walking past me with her baby. It must have been girl because of the charm and the looks of it. I was so touched when that baby girl who was half asleep woke up, just to give me a smile and then got back to her sleep.  I was thrilled. It gave me a great and refreshing look which I carried the whole day and passed on to all the people I met and made a difference in their day too..

Once small twinkle smile from a god-like-baby made my day as well as a few others whom I influence. No fights, no frowns, no anger, no sorrow… Just plain and simple happiness which kept me on the whole day. I dint even fall asleep during my 3 hrs class. Amazing, isn’t it? And all it took was just a smile. I loved it. So I plan to make the best of everyday. I smile and make others smile. This morning, I was in my car with my windows fully down and while passing through that same bridge, I was closely followed by a father who was taking his daughter to school. The girl had bandaged her hand. She must have met with an accident and was looking very miserable in that state. All I did was look @ her and smile. You should have seen how her face lit up. She was also smiling back at me and trying to wave to me forgetting that her hand was bandaged. Then I waved back at her and we went our ways. I really don’t know whether I’ll see her the next day too but one smiling girl made the difference. The power of smile. I love it and very thankful to all those people who smile and make other people’s day. After all, we ultimately want to  be happy by the end of the day.

PS: There is another reason why I smile at strangers. This is just between us. You also get to smile at all the cute, smart and handsome guys on the bike early in the morning… Haaaaaaa… So refreshing… Now that also makes your day….Don’t you think girls??? LOL


Guria said...

Hey, you have a tag or two over at MM, check 'em out, and do them if you want. :)

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

@ sreya- thanks would love to do it!!

Raji said...

Smile keeps worries away...Very true :)

Guria said...

You know what they say, that babies can look directly into your heart and they know the goodness in you. That's why may be the babies/kids smile at you. :)

And as for getting the good-lookers, check twice before smiling or you might have an unwanted puppy for life! :D

Nice post and you're a nice girl!
Keep smiling! :)

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

@ Raji- Yes.. very true.. but some people think I'm crazy and I don't have any emotions or rather I don't care which is not true..

@Sreya- about the guys, yes.. that's very true about describing them as puppies.. lol. Thanks for describing me as a nice girl. atleast someone knows me for good..

Shruti said...

I loved this post!!
I also loved ur post script!

Sat_hi_sh said...

I concur ,a smiling start to the day really makes that day fly past with joy...

have experinced it myself :)

hey Thanks a ton for blog rolling me pa :)
I love ur blog too :)
u have a new follower :)

Oh btw about ur idea about smilimgs at guys ,i hope ALL THE GALS ARE LISTENING ;)

keep blogging

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

@ Satish- lol.. I hope all the girls are listening to the GUY.

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