Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The tribute continues 2….

Roll No:16 Pradap Kumar: He is like this big boy of class. He remodels bikes and cars and loves it. He changed his pulsar into something totally crazy and funky which looks gr8 to me atleast. He is one of those hostel guys and comes to college once or twice a week. Most of the time, these guys are boozed or sleeping! Every night is PARTY night there. I kinda feel jealous about it. Pradap is from kovai and is very proud about it. He looks silent and quite but in reality, he is a terror. He once lost his phone and was very upset about it because he had that phone for more than 3 years. Some sort of girl friend sentiment, I guess. Lol. Rowdy Pradap

Roll No:17 Shiva: Ah… Shiva. He is like this one crazy guy whose leg is pulled by all the guys and girls in class. He comes up with some of the mokkaiest of statements in the history of mokkais. The best part is that he never is afraid about anybody. He lives in hostel too. The only guy, who doesn’t drink or smoke among them. He is honest, sincere and very passionate about this course. He is a sweet heart. I talk a lot to him and we help a lot during exams and studies and stuff. One guy who liked my blog and wanted to start one for himself after seeing mine.(:P). Shiva, you are the one of the craziest friend I ever had and will always be there.. Thanks again for your friendship.

Roll No:18 Marudhu Pandian: Future Finance Minister!!! Well, may be, you never know. Actually, his father is a hard core politician so since Marudhu has done Finance, he would want to be the next FM. And also he is planning to start up a new institute for MBA called MIPM(Marudhu’s Institute of Planning and Management). He is a macho man!! Looks like a army guy and but not so rough n tough. He was in love with a girl but they broke up, but he still loves her. He called himself “ BIG BABY” Hope you understand what it mean.. Still a baby in a grown body.

Roll No: 19 Ajith Bohra: He is a male chauvinist. He acts as if girls are meant to be under his feet. I really don’t care about what he thinks and perceives about girls and if he is such a thing, I don’t give a damn about it either. You hardly see him in class. Doesn’t really respect girls and also thinks that we are meant for only carrying babies and cook for men. Such kinda guys are just not worth talking about.

Roll No: 20 Neelam : She is a short girl. Very cute and loves to wear long tops. She is engaged already. Can’t wait to get married next year. Whenever she does presentation, its hard to see her stand because the podium is bigger than her, so she gets teased a lot by the guys for that but still doesn’t care about it. She does all her on time and is good at studies. She is a doll and pretty cool to have her as a friend.. You can count on her and she is always ready to help you whenever needed.


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