Thursday, November 5, 2009

He was….



He loved me… once

ONCE all my heart needed and wanted and craved. I felt solitude in the fact that his heart once belonged to me… even for just a fleeting moment- I knew it was mine.

He was always the fickle type – he never let me know too much but always fed me just enough to keep me close to him, clinging onto him, just enough to keep me wanting more of him.

I hate him for this. I hated him…

I hate him for all that he was… but nothing that he is. I don’t know him anymore.

Nothing that I am… Nothing that I am without anything of him….



ippo enna solla varinga

HaRy!! said...

now wat happened to him / her then!! ending solunga

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

@ Hary and Ram- I dono my imagination stopped there..

pushpee said...

it si interesting to know how different ppl think...nice post..all the best!!

Karthik said...

lol.. :D
you went around conducted a survey?! :-)
The by-product is very good, by the way. I mean the emotions expressed by so many people.
It was a nice read. :-)

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