Monday, November 2, 2009

The tribute continues 3…


Note: Hey guys, this is not to hurt anyone.. but something i felt I should do. I love doing it .. please don’t take me the wrong way. From here, things will get real personal.

Roll No:21 and Roll No: 22 Not sure if they exist in college..and if they do, I’ll edit this one..

Roll No:23 Nirandhari She is math genius who loves to play with numbers.. She is more an engineer than a MBA. I feel that she lacks the confidence in her. She is rather very sweet if you get to know her personally. She is mostly influenced by people who are close to her. She is prone to get angry fast without any reason. BTW, she is the roommate of the before mentioned “PRIYANKA” in this post. They are real good friends who like to be with each other. People feel that those two are inseparable but I'm damn sure that they will go on their own ways once the course is over. Guys wanna bet??

Roll No: 24 Praveen Chandar : (with a tear in my eye) He is one the best friend who will do anything for a friend. You must have seen all my “Missing my friend” poems and post on this particular person. He was a Gem of a friend. People used to envy our friendship until something something…Personally, it was my fault about what had happened. I was such an idiot to lose such a wonderful friend who wanted to my friend eternally. My dear Praveen is the sweetest of all the guys in class. He is a good friend, a funny and caring guy. I just hope that everything I said doesn’t happen and he lives happily ever after without seeing me after college days.

PS: To Praveen, I’m not as bad as you think I am. What I did was wrong but I just hated to see you cry. You are like my little bro so you mean a lot to me now and forever!!! :) and never hesitate to come back to me, because I’m waiting to be with you again. Love you lots and missing you very badly.

Roll No:25 Nishanth The margazhi dog. Lol. Just kidding. He is the silent killer. The master blaster of our class. Exceptionally talented and intelligent to the core. Main aim in life: to get married to a girl with all the riches. Well, and he sort of achieved it also by going on with my class” TRISHA” (lol) Akila. Quite a businessman and also known to steal ideas from others. Not a hard worker, but a smart one. He knows what he wants in life and he also knows how to get it the smart way. I am very honoured and proud to have such a beloved friend, who stands up for friendship. I really like his guts and I also know a little secret about you which is never mentioned in public. Guys, Wanna know??? Ask him yourself.

Roll No: 26 Winya I present to you the “BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL” Winya. She is hot some times and not so hot the other times. Lol. The greatest person in class who knows how to handle things the right way. Winya is a real fashion freak who loves clothes, footwear and other accessories. One of the boldest girls in class and stands up for right things only. She is awesome and sweet. Gets teased by all the guys in class for various reasons which have least effected her in anyways. Good Public Speaker and has a lot of common sense with which she oozes us all. I hate the way she speaks Tamil even though she is from down south herself.

To be continued…

PS: Guys, I have my exams starting from the fourth of November. I’ll try to read up the posts and keep you updated about my first blogovesary.


Wallpaper World said...

how long will the tribute continue?? i think this is the third post on tribute...loll..

arun said...

nice descriptions...though I personally know none of them..i love ur honesty in describing them...makes me nostalgic about my coll days ...waitin to read the remainin descriptions

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