Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My first blogoversary


Hi everyone… I know its been long since I’ve frequented my blog but I still read all your posts!!! :P Today is a special day I share with something I genuinely fell in love with… My blog. This guy(My blog) is a very special space for me with which all my emotions and feelings are dealt with. I still don’t believe its been a year since I started it. I’ve started writing stuff regularly only by January this year. I have engrossed so much in this guy that I even forget to eat sometimes. My mom keeps asking me what I write so much on the computer even on holidays because she knows that I don’t study. I don’t remember why I choose this blog address. http://attitudethatneverfails.blogspot.com but something that time told me that I was going to hang on to this for the rest of my life.( i hope so). 


I’ve changed my blog template about 10 times this one year and I will still keep changing it. Not for sometime now. I love this template!! I’ve learned a lot. I’ve made quite a few friends in this virtual reality. I love interacting with them. It keeps  me happy. My blogger friend, this guy, my love, has shared various phases with  me. It kind of makes me feel that I belong in this blogger world. People from all over the world have read my posts. This blog has seen my success, love, failure, life, friendship, separation, marriages and divorces too.. May be that's why I named it, Attitudethatneverfails  and given the title as “Take life as it comes”. Thats how I am and I reflect it in my posts. This blog actually helps me a lot because once I write my emotions, it makes me feel comfortable. I forget about it. Its like as though I’ve told a good friend about your feelings and it makes you feel kind of relaxed. That is what I get from writing a blog.

I take this opportunity to thank a no of people who frequent my blog everyday. I thank Raji, Bharathi, Shruthi, Shankar, Sreya, Satish, Vipul, Madhu, Ash, Kajal, Sid, KaKa,Soin, Hary, Miss nobody, Nikhil, Anand and the whole bunch of Blog-a-tonics who visit my blog and care to comment on my posts... Its my dream come true to write something and get a recognition for it. Thanks to all those guys who have given me awards and appreciated me a lot. I’ve not only received awards here but also in my MBA class presentation where I got the highest mark for talking about my passion and only hobby.. blogging. Even my faculty know that I’ve a very passionate blogger. This has taken me to a higher level and also given me a lot of confidence too know myself more. Thank you blogger too!!!

PS: My stats.. Google Page Rank is 2.

                      Alexa Ranking is 389,047.

                      Indi Blogger rank is 79(out of 100).


PPS: I am a proud blogger and I am proud about my love.. My Blog


Ravan said...


Blogverary!!! wuu huu

soin said...


Raji said...

Yippeeeeeee! Congrats and Keep going!!! What your blog means to you? - You outlined it well...Way to go, Raji!!!

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary!

Anonymous said...

Congrats for hitting a century :)
(sorry for the late comment)

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