Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life is Reality

Have you ever sat in the dark
And cried out at all the painful things done to your heart?

Have you ever gone back to that instant
To a place, a time, where you could let your feelings 'represent'?

Have you ever closed your eyes and dreamed
About a quiet place where someone actually heard you scream?

Where someone would care for you
Like you deserve, like loved ones in fairy tales do?

Have you ever picked up that sharpened knife
And seriously thought about ending your life?

Have you ever placed that blade
Against your wrist as you let all other thoughts fade?

Have you ever dug deep in your soul
Searching for a happy place; finding a hole?

Have you ever looked death in the eyes
And almost believed, almost accepted those lies?

Well, I have... yes this is me
Now you can make the decision on whether I am to be believed.

Its not worth the horror drain
On your emotions, the endless pain.

Take it from one who knows
When you have faith in yourself, it shows.

Don't give up this life yet
Your destiny is your own to set.


Raji said...

Sometimes reality sucks :):( Take life as it comes ;)

Raji U said...

@Raji yeah it does..

Arnav said...

SO true,
There are times that life seems endlessly dark....

But as u said,at the end our destiny is up to us to set ...

Online Degrees said...

Such a wonderful!!! all this truth!!! i would like to share it!! can i do it!!

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