Saturday, February 27, 2010

The New Find

Do you want to get rid of boredom?
Loosen its control to regain your freedom!
Lull in your dull life, let it not behold.
You can be out of its clutches and hold!
Being always pensive welcomes melancholy.
This is the culprit of our life’s anomaly.
In busy life, its dwelling is dormant.
Inactivity makes boredom go rampant.
Do something of interest to you.
Or, inculcate liking in whatever you do!
Keep your search on till you find one.
It is extremely rare that you find none?!
Be it whatever, let not lethargy engulf.
Just eat and belch make life miserably tough.
Enthusiasm and eagerness must be kept alive.
These keep the charm of living from going to archive!
Come on and gear up to start afresh and new!
The startling new ‘find’ may belong to only "you"!!!

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