Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Letting me go

Dad and Mama, I love you, I really do,
I can’t think of my world without you!

No more kiss good-night,
No more dad to hold me tight.
No more hugs to calm my fears,
No more hands to wipe my tears!
No more tucking in at night.

But I know I will see you once again
And then you will hold me tight,
When we are together again.

l want to be selfish and share
But what I want just isn’t fair.
Dad, I am living of dull life
Without you here by my side,

Mama, as long as I live
Not a moment will go by
When I don’t wish you were with me.

Daddy I love you, I really do,
Mama I love you, I really do,
Daddy I know you have to leave me
But I told you I don't want to go,
Why did you let me be alone,
Let me go.

I show no fear in my eyes and face
But I am scared without you besides me,

I don't want to cry when I'm talking to you,
But I cry when I'm alone.
Dad and Mama,

Just remember I will always love you.

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