Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Even though you have hurt me without knowing, I still love you!!!

I wish you knew how I felt
I wish you looked at me straight in the eye
And know how I love you
I never believed in love at first sight until I saw you
I wish you were here beside me I wish I was in your arms
crying while it rains so you won’t notice that my love for you is hurting me
when you smile my whole body throws fireworks
and when I realize I'm imagining it all stops
but when you actually walk by me I just don’t know what to do

And when you looked at me and I stopped breathing
I realized it wasn’t me you're looking at
you can break my heart
You can hurt me
but in the end I'll still love you
And to prove it I'm writing you this poem aren’t i??

I still love you and forever will......


ApocalypsE said...

crying in the rain and in his arms were cool...

but what the heck happenend?

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

HIM already has a girl which we did not know..:(

nirmalanandtp said...

I'm sorry to hear that... :(

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