Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nothing special except silence

My so called "HIM", doesn't talk much. He is one of those silent killers. (mind you, but a cute one). He never ever opens his mouth to say, " hey machan, lets go out today da" or " I'm in no mood to go out. I want to stay in class today" Nothing of that sort. Doesn't have a word for himself. Just like that follows whatever you say or the group says. Sometimes, we ask him, do you have mouth ? Silence is the answer we get. But I think thats what has attracted me so much about him. He definitely has a opinion about everything that is happening but never tells it out unless asked for it. Very smart and intelligent, but lacks a lot of confidence. We believe he could do a job pretty well than what he does now, but he never has that kinda confidence in himself. Others in the gang, eventhough some of us are not so intelligent atleast we have the guts to do the wrong and then learn from the mistake. But  "HIM" just lacks it.  All he says is, " why take risk?" And we all say in union, "Risk edukaradhu ellam engaluku rasku sapudra maduri." Since now that everything is out in the light, that I have a slight crush on HIM, everybody teases me and HIM. He knows that it is happening and I'm getting butterflies  in my stomach whenever I see him. He just keeps MUMMMMM.... I once even asked, see if you have any problem in this, please let me know,I'll talk to our friends and make them stop talking about it. And the answer is silence. Sometimes, I get fed up. Sometimes it just melts my heart away. Sometimes, I look up the sky and say, Idhu enaku thevaiya?? :). HIM doesn't mind getting teased. HIM sees me all the time and also knows that I'm seeing him. Everytime I see him staring, I just get a sweet, innocent smile which means nothing or something fishy. Most of the time, something fishy. HIM started noticing the kinda dress I wear or the people I talk to or the classes I listen to actively and participate actively. Ram says that HIM has started getting butterflies too in the stomach but I don't believe because all I get is silence. HIM's silence is killing me... Please GOD help me....

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