Monday, June 29, 2009

My very first poem...

You must have all read a lot of poems written by me, but this one is a special one. I wrote this one when I was leaving school and I was going to miss my friends. We all had such mixed feelings those days. Now here after 5 years of completion from school. I found this piece of poem hidden somewhere in my memory lane.
This is again dedicated to them(my school friends) who are not so much in touch with each other but I know we always stay in touch through memories.Even though we would all want to go back to our care-free school life, its not going to happen. So atleast this is to remind myself and tell the world I still remember them.
For the love of my friends:

Good -bye

Wipe your tears
And dry your eyes
Life seems so unfair
I hate saying goodbye

You'll develop a life without me
Which will help pass the time
But no matter how busy we are
We'll still be in each other's mind

All the happy memories
We've shared together
They are unforgettable
And will stay with me forever

A new life
Along new people awaits you
New experiences
And new friends, too.

So wipe your tears
And dry your eyes
Then, maybe it won't be so hard
To say good-bye!!!


Nikholic said...

Getting out of school or college is like venturing in the painful circumference, bad boss boss nasty attitude, imprudent very anti to our dear friends. Thanks buddy after reading this i went back to my school pic noticed myself and my friends.

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

Thanks Nikhil.. I'm glad you liked it!! :)

Anonymous said...

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