Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Something Special about HUGS!!!

I got this special hug from a good friend of mine for appreciating what I am today.. I felt special. I think it makes me realise that I am something to someone. Hugs are not easy to get. Being in India and in the southern states where we are still following certain traditional " Norms", its hard to get a hug from a friend( be it boy or girl).

I loved the way hugs shows us the concern for each other. I love it when my dad hugs me on my birthday every year. It makes me feel special and proud. I proudly say," I am Daddy's girl". I love it when I hug my grandma whenever I'm down. It gives me the confidence to stand up straight again and get on with life. A hug from my sisters says, " Thanks for being there for me and you are the best sis in the world."(may be they dont say it verbally, but I know they love me.) And that special hug which I'm longing to get from that special HIM makes my living worthwhile. It makes me feel," hey raji, you are definitely worth living." And last but never the least, my mom hugs me just to say that I'm a great daughter. She loves me and pampers me everyday with all the scoldings and arguements but all for the good reason. She is the best special person anyone can ever get in their life. I guess, thats why, my sisters are always jealous about me.

So I would like you conclude by saying(lol), Hug people no matter who they are and what they do.. Its the best way to show you concern to someone you truly care about. I hope you must have all watched or listen to A.R.Rehman's new song Jiya se Jiya. It also shows the importance of hugging. Here is that song for you.. and hugs to all of you from RAJI. It means that you are something which is a part of me which will never fade away..


ApocalypsE said...

ethan than vasool raja katti pudi vaithiyam nu sonnaru... oru song oda nalla explain panniteenga... :)

Raji said...

With hugs, Thanks! :)

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

@Anand- ada aama... indha naan think pannavae illa pa..

@Raji- You are most welcome!!

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