Friday, August 21, 2009

Marketing Class is on...

Like I was saying that I was missing my marketing classes yesterday in my post. Today we had a subject called as Social Marketing taken by my favourite professor, Satheesh Krishnamurthy. He was explaining about the social causes which can be dealt with so as to make the person do what we ask him to do for his own good. This is trying to change his behaviour into something ethical for both himself and the society as a whole. Like the on-going campaign for Aids, Anti-Smoking and Don't Drink & Drive, etc which are not working out even though they are done for a social cause.

We all know that many things happen for these social causes like an actor sponsoring a child or a company contributing a part of its earnings towards women empowerment or education, etc. So he asked us this question. "Do you think that these campaigns work?". A typical example quoted by him. You ask the guys who smoke to stop on what they were doing, will they listen to you? They would rather say talk to the wall. Thats the kinda impression they have on smoking. You say it kills them, they are least bothered. Y are they not listening to you?

Another case wherein a group of doctors in Tamil Nadu wanted to create awareness among lorry drivers about AIDS. It is said that these lorry drivers take upon two prostitutes on an average day. So these guys are highly prone to Aids. These doctors showed all the pictures and videos about how the disease affects the person and believe me, I've seen these pictures in my UG degree. They are horrid. Never imagined it to be so painful and they die a painful death. The pain cannot be explained by words. So after seeing these pictures, these drivers still continued to do the same. This got these doctors confused on this issue. Then they realised that this thing has to be dealt in a different manner. So they took video clippings of kids from the age of 9,10 and on till 13 yrs. They were children who had lost their parents and were left stranded. The girls were molested and brought into prostitution whereas the guys were thief and thrown into jails. These doctors realised that these lorry drivers go back home only for one reason which was the children. So they just put forth one point. If you die, your children will also become like that and also gave a magnetic stand wherein they can keep the picture of family, the next time they try to make a pit stop on the road for the reason atleast they would consider not doing it or use a condom for their sake. Doing this type of things does not give any personal gain to the doctors or anybody for that matter, but the mental satisfaction of saving those families.

He has also given us an assignment which I am suppose to complete by the end of the trimester. It was to come up with good campaign structure for anti smoking and he also left us one clue: Most of the guys start smoking @ the age of 17 when they enter into the first year of college. Can this habit be changed? At that age what do you think is the major job of most of the guys ?? When I thought about it, only one thing that comes to my mind is to IMPRESS GIRLS. They exercise their freedom to show that they are macho and capable of getting that girl and make her fall in love. I know many of you may contradict my point but as far as I know this is what it is. Come on, Don't tell me you dint want to impress girls. So I thought I would formulate my campaign in such a manner that alteast it would make them think twice before touching the cigarette. Here is how i've put down my ideas:
1.I thought of having a good homely looking girl talk about how she would want her future husband to be. She would say various character and lastly highlight on the point that he should not smoke.
2. Take a girl in disco and ask her the same and make sure she also stresses on the point of non smoking.
3. On the beach, wherein a couple are sitting, we ask the girl, do u love him? and she says yes. So we ask her what made you love him. She says a lot of various reasons and say that he should have never touched a cigarette in his life.

These ideas would make the guys think that if we dont smoke, the girls are more attracted towards him. So he might actually think of quitting or at least reducing it. See I know they might sound non ethical but this is the true fact.

I would also like you guys to reflect on my view, please contradict me and critically analysis my views and ideas. It gives me the scope to improve upon myself as a marketer. Also add in your ideas for the same.


Shankar said...

marketing class??? I hate those......

very nice assignment indeed.. hope you will come up with good anti campaign solution... May be I would help my friends with those....

Raji said...

I think most people are aware of what the outcome of drinking or smoking or whatever, nowadays...Its not the same as few centuries before. Although they know the effect of such a bad habit, they still do it saying that they don't care and they do it for pleasure. Changing these kind of people is a challenge and not easy...Anyways, good luck!

Deepika said...

I love Marketing class!! So much fun!!

Coming to your post, well people who smaoke are addicted ost of them atleast so they won't leav unless they realize it on their own... only a major change or influence in their life can change them...

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

@ shankar: Marketing is fun once you know what it is all about.
@Raji: Thanks Raji. I'm sure I can make some difference atleast in a few people hopefully.
@ Deepika: I love marketing too. Smoking is also an habit. I'm sure when they develop the habit, they should also develop the habit of giving it up. I think it can be done by marketing. I think the world can be changed with Marketing. Lol.

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