Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Déjà vu

Today I had this small moment where I felt that little moments have special meaning. I was walking towards the shop nearby my place when I saw a small girl not more than 6 or 7 was walking along with her little sister. I guess they were just shopping like me. This reminded me of how I used to walk with my youngest sister everyday from school.

 ishu 004 Once, in school, I had project day wherein all our projects are displayed while we explain our own. My parents were not able to attend that particular day but we were supposed to get my driver to pick us up from school. We lived only a few streets away from school yet we had a main road to cross so they wouldn’t let us go alone. I was dressed up as “ Sarojini Naidu. I was in the 5th standard. :))) I was wearing a saree. So the day got over as fast as it could. Everyone loved my recitation about Sarojini Naidu. So I went down to get my youngest sister from her class Pre-KG. I was waiting along with her for our car. What I learnt from the watchman was that the driver had gone with my other sister and had asked me to wait there with Gayu, my youngest sister. It was almost for 20 minutes, I waited along with her. My sister was almost in tears because she was hungry. I gave her some water yet she was looking so troubled. So I took my chances, took the saree off me because I couldn’t walk with it. Of course I had my shorts and t-shirt under it. So I took hold of my sister’s hand and crossed the road on my own gripping that little thing’s hand to hard and walked home.

When I got home, my sister was too scared that she hugged me till mom came. Which was so sweet and I felt proud being the eldest. Obviously, the driver didn’t see us walking so he had waited and searched for us. Came back home to find us in our neighbour’s house. I was in trouble to take such a risk but I had to because my sister was almost crying. And it was worth it because of the hug from her which was priceless. :)) Now, time has changed. She has grown bigger and taller than me. She has her own teen issues to deal with and all the sisterly fights we have. She has fought with me and we aren’t talking to each other for about 5 months now yet I see her everyday. I miss that hugging sister who was looking at me as if that her life depended on me. After all, I am her BIG sister. I miss her.. My mom would always keep reminding about this incident whenever she had a chance. One moment which is so close to my heart. I wouldn’t let go off her hand ever..:)) Some things can never be replaced.

PS: That’s her.. GAYATHREE… My youngest sister.


Siddhesh 'Ravan' Kabe said...

oh wow...nice touchy post there... u know wen there r two girls in the house it gets touchy...:D

my bro just asks me for money for his outings..wen mom refuses to him...:P

Raji said...

oh...lovely! :)

RamPrasad said...

thats y govt says to stop at two...over production leads to these kind of troubles..
anymore jokes from ur production unit, pls post it.

advice: all relation except mom&dad(some point they might also change) will be with us for money, so avoid all bfore they avoid u.

arun said...

nice one !!! simple and neat writings ...looking forward for more ...keep writing

arun said...

nice one !!! simple and neat writings ...looking forward for more ...keep writing

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