Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year



As another year slips in to realms of our memory,
We stand in awe at the roller-coaster ride it was!
We have been sent up, down, swung and rocked,
Each day, each moment, without a single pause!

Today, we find excitement, concern, and optimism,
Even as the new year unfolds its mysterious maze.
On the threshold of the year to come, hope stands
Whispering that it will be happier, in many ways!

Here is to wish you the best in all that it brings,
Success, fame, and all your dreams come true.
To you and yours, all whom you care about,
Wish you a Happy New Year, from me too!


shiva... said...

Good one :)

wish u happy new yr.

Raji said...

Raji, have a fantabulous year!!!

Indian Pundit said...

Happy New Year to you too


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