Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ruchika- The past, present and future….

I’m not going to talk about what happened to her.. if you do not know, then better get out of the country… Because every single person must have seen the smile of Rathore’s face when he walked out of the court getting a bail.
Ruchika, the mere sound of the word gets me to bubble with anger and frustration. I am a person who HATES violence against women and kids. I’m sorry if I am being biased to the “SO-CALLED- SUPEROIR- GENDER”. This is not to affect the feelings of anyone but I need to voice out my opinion. Why does this outrageous thing happen to every single girl. Yes, Every single girl.
Nobody might know but the above fact is true. Your sister, cousin, aunty,friend, your own girl friend or any women for that matter would have gone through some kind of harassment including me. I was terrified when it happened to me, never told a single soul until now. Most of them do not tell this out. I once had friend who tried to hang herself after some pervert harassed her. You still wont believe that the fear in her eyes never went away. She is too scared of all men now.. She trembles every time, she is reminded about it. This not only happened here in India but also in other countries. I really don’t understand how can some be such perverts. You would not believe that statistics say that educated men consist of 70% in this population. Unbelievable isn’t it…. No, not for me.
I’m sorry for being rude to all the fellow MEN, but I have never trusted any one after it happen to me by my own so-called- best friend. When I confronted him about it, he apologies and says that he wasn’t planning it but it happened at that moment. AT THE MOMENT… my foot. I kicked him out of my house, asking him never to show his face in my life again. Damn you. Go to hell.. Who do you think we are sex machine or dolls?? The guy, who harassed my friend, who saw her walking with a IPOD, stopped his bike and turned around to do such a thing. He was fully dressed as an executive. She was devastated. You guys wouldn’t understand how this would make the girl feel, do you? She was unable to bear the pain which lead her to commit suicide. Now she is another Ruchika. I fight for her and will keep writing about until justice is provided to us, poor souls. I blame the god-damn country and culture for such kind of acts. Every girl is a Ruchika.. its just that no one is willing to talk about it. Even I wasn’t willing to talk about this until now.
I loathe every men in this world who acts like such idiots. I know some of them don’t plan it but isn’t it all about self control and discipline. Then why the hell do they put you in a co-ed school or college? To learn about these things and to understand the gender differences between each other. It is even disgusting to think of such a thing. And the worst part of all this, KIDS are also not spared. OMG, where are we heading at? At this rate, I guess its better that the world ends. I don’t want to live in such a filthy, dirty minded world with all this crap. This is basic common ethics or humanity- not to harm others. Com’on men wake!!! I beg you. After all, we are also worth living. Please for the sake of your mothers, daughters, aunts, friends, and every women. Please don't do such a goddamn thing.
PS: This post is to squash and ponder every men who even has the slightest feeling of molesting any women or kid… You guys totally suck.. You re worth nothing but a pile of shit… I don't care even if I was rude. I had to raise my opinion on such perverts. Watch the movie The Lovely bones to understand feeling of the deceased!!! and please sign this petition for Ruchika


SiD said...

hmmm... as bad as it may sound I blame it on the structure of the society we live in nowadays.

Frankly, i am not exactly a feminists or anything but yes, females have been suppressed since 16th century.

And dear, its not only strangers, I know people who have been abused by relatives, parents as well.

I feel its the concept of improper sex-ed that causes such incidents.

also being a man, i will not deny getting feelings for girl, but in those times its real moral education that helps. Those who understand the will of others do control them self.

Now I do not know when the society will change/world will end/God decides to wake up, till then... learn taekwando and... remember I am a good boy.

Raji said...

Although it sounds disheartening, what you say is the truth. Only those who go through or have gone through knows how hard it is to be molested...emotionally, physically it hurts...We can only spread awareness but the change should come with each and every men out there which I hardly believe is going to happen.

There's no pride in talking about Indian culture in books and essays and portray to other countries that we are the best...Because of this 'closed' culture, men do all these nonsense but can never face the confrontation. All they say is when they get a spark to do such things, they cannot control. Come on man, you are ruining another life. If such pervertedness could not be controlled, we do not need such human beings.

Raji U said...

@ Sid: that was a long one. Like I said I'm not a feminist but i think that every girl should know about this and every guy should understand us.

@Raji: thank you for agreeing with me but dont you think, it has to stop or at least reduce at some point of time. As time goes, I see it increasing rather than the opposite. I don't remember my mom saying that she had to deal with something like this.:(

queserasera said...

As u said every girl is has happened in the past, its happening now in the present...v may not b able to do anything about this but we can control whats gonna happen in the future....we should not let this happen again...we girls have to be emotionally strong to face such perverts....i know how difficult it is talk about these incidents though its not a mistake of us in anyways.....yet v shud overcome that fear nd voice our opinion strongly....i'm really proud of u raji for sharing nd ncouraging other girls too....

Raji U said...

@ Subashini: I'm touched.... Thanks for saying that what I wrote was right. I usually am not so rude and open to anyone but these guys make me do it.

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