Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2009- the year which passed with everything

I was too lazy to start writing what happened in my 2009 but I had a few of my friends who wanted me to write about it. Thank you guys for making me write “SOMETHING” again. Nowadays, I’m too lazy. Life is too boring. All I do is sit around playing Farmville, Cafe world, Happy aquarium and Pet ville. It took up all my precious blogging time. After some nice advice from a few friends( including bloggers) I’ve given up Farmville.. Will do the others to while I get going with other much more important stuff. Enough of my ranting about the present.. lets talk about 2009, the year which had everything.

The beginning was as cool as it will get with all my friends getting close and personal. We had the most funniest and most depressing moments this year. I understood the true meaning of betrayal by a best friend. I cried my wits out but it has to go on and I had others things to worry about. 2009, was tough. Too many friendships were lost and a very few I gained. My sister had also had a tough time getting VISA for her higher education in UK. Learnt a lot people tried to stop that happening. So many huddles and cries, finally, she landed there with no trouble. At least, that's what we thought but she also had some trouble. Thank God, my brother also lives in Leeds to take care of her. People are sometimes so rude and selfish. They do anything to have their life more pleasurable.

A lot of happy things also happened like the time I wrote my first OPEN BOOK exams which was awesome but tiring since we had to write from our laptop and stuff. The final part of the year was okay, I just got lucky to have such wonderful family who stand by my side at any cost. The part where I thought were I would lose my best friends was finally gotten over . Alas, true friendship triumphs… Last but not the least, I got a whole lot of friends and well wishers through blogging.. I’m grateful to all of them for their support and care. Blogging has become a very integral part of my life and I love doing it. Learning new things everyday. Accepting failure as well as success. I feel that every year has its own way of teaching us the most important things in life. Not to forget that we age every year. It is a pleasant living the life as it comes.. That me.. Take life as it comes…. Still going strong in 2010


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had quite a year. I'm glad it ended more good than bad for you.
I'm just really getting into blogging and like it. There seem to be a lot of nice folks doing it and are willing to help.
Good Luck

Raji said...

Keep going! And keep blogging too...:-)

vEnKy said...

i am glad you quit farmville, I was addicted to it too. Wish you a nice 2010. Even earned a lot of frnds through blogging, really good ones but i wasnt betrayed by anyone cause i am blessed with really wonderful frnds off the blogging world too

shiva... said...

been a tough year huh .. n u ve grown a bit :) i can see the diff between ur 2008 n 2009 year end posts.
Betrayal teaches u to chose true friends .. never mind it. u ve learnt a lot from it so its GOOD.
Hope this yr gives u all happiness with small tinge of sadness too, to make life complete .

Sat_hi_sh said...

Quit Farmville ????
Wow ,thats something i haven't heard at all :)

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