Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Best friends forever...

I have a friend, bharani who I miss so much... she is someone I look upon as a guide and everything. We hardly talk to each other anymore but I know she loves me and so does she knows that i do too. I just wanted to tell it to the world that nothing can stop her being in my thoughts.... We are best friends forever  even though we are miles apart...

Bharani.. I dedicate this poem to you and our friendship...

Memories were all I had

and just the thought of them made me sad.

I cried every night wondering how to make it right.

I wish you could erase that day and that incident.

Would you please forgive me? I don't know where to start.

It hurts me so bad to have this hole in my heart!

I don't want our friendship to totally end.

I need you! You are my best friend!

So can we make a promise to stay together 'till the end?

A vow to each other to ALWAYS be BEST FRIENDS?

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