Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Naan Kadavul to release in 220 theatres!!!!

The long wait is over at last! The hard work of Bala and producer K.S Sreenivasan of Naan Kadavul has paid of handsomely. It is good news that the distribution rights of Naan Kadavul has been sold for a sizeable price worldwide, thanks to the efforts of the duo, Bala and Sreenivasan in providing the right launch pad for the film. The music of Illayaraja is already popular following the gala audio launch. What induced more interest in the film for the distributors is the thrilling trailer that is making rounds on all television channels.

The marketing strategy used by Bala and team is instrumental in selling all the distribution rights for the film. Now the film is all set to hit 220 theatres worldwide on 6th February.

Naan Kadavul was first announced in 2005 and since then has undergone numerous delays, changes in cast and crew and more than two different producers until K.S.Sreenivasan took up the project for good. The film is a result of more than three years of persistence over prolonged uncertainty.

Naan Kadavul is expected to be a landmark film for all those involved in it. Arya’s maniacal makeover with long locks and Pooja’s drubbed and worn down look as a beggar are widely being touted as national award calibre performances. With so many things going for it, the industry is pinning its hopes on Naan Kadavul to provide the first big hit of 2009 after Pongal turned out to be an average experience


Raji said...

Somewhere I read the story of it, not sure if that's the actual story. If it is, I dont think it would be a hit. But I am waiting to watch it, hopefully this time, I wont fell asleep :)

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

I hope so it is... Becos Bala has different perception to everything..

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