Thursday, February 5, 2009

Morning walks to school!!!

Today I woke up early( A Rare Phenomenon) due to come work in college. Since I got up early my youngest sister who goes to school asked me to drop her there. I agreed and took her on my bike to school. On the way, I saw a school few girls walking leisurely not worrying about the time or anything. What I saw strick me!!! This is how I used to be.. 

Nothing to worry about. Bharani(my friend) and me, we used to roam around the whole neighbourhood laughing and talking about everything. When in school, I used to take my cycle, peddle myself to bharani's house asap and then both of us would walk to school even though we had a cycle. We rarely cared about the time except during exams times. Those were the days!!!

Life was just too good. Of course, we learnt about everything. Saw many thing around us changing each day. We got closer and deeper to each other. When I think about it now, it makes me feel, that we had heaven on earth those days. May be we never realized it that time but now it feels so. I remeber telling her about all my crushes, problems: teenage and parents. 
When we became friends, we knew we had nothing in common, but when we became more friendlier and closer only during these morning walks. We would even sneek around the places where we were not suppose to be(LOL).  She learnt a lot from me and I did so.

Just seeing those girls made me miss my morning walks... Beautiful days of my life!!

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