Sunday, February 1, 2009

My First Crush

Why I wanted to write about this today??
I saw him today after 5 years... 
His name is Prabhu. School senior. basketball champion.Sports caption.Individual champ and best of all, my sweetheart. 
Yes, Prabhu was my first real crush. He made me get butterflies in my stomach. He he he. He really did. It was a huge crush. I always watch him play Basketball. I joined the coaching class just becoz i could see him everyday even in holidays. I had this major crush on him since 7th std. I even thought i would marry him. I was always teased as " PAD" by my friends.. What does that mean? HE he he "Prabhu's Adorable Darling". Yup that was me!! 
Then he left school when i was in my 9th std.  I used to think about him once in while. Then of course, I had a series of crushes. Every month, week or day, may be!!. You know what I mean. Then I used to see him sometimes. Never dared to talk to him.

But today I saw him, changed completely opposite.

He was my hero in school but now he had changed drastically. He never studied well. Got low grades. Arrears in college still yet to be completed. Trying to do some network course. Doesn't  want to waste his talents on a BPO job. ( Exact words he said). No offense but a BPO job in not that easy guys.. It is a lifesaver for millions in our country. 
People change from school to college, college to work, Work to marriage... etc. these things always happen but one can never forget their first crush. ( just like me!)


Raji said...

Ha ha ha...abs rite! Noone can forget the first crush even years pass by...It's still in the memories and when you think of it, you laugh at it sometimes, isn't it? ;)

Anonymous said...

classuku vama

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