Friday, March 20, 2009

Motorola Aura

Hey I have obsession towards mobile phones. I never keep anything for more than 8 months. I have changed around 10 mobile phones in the past three years. and my latest one is Motorola z6. Been having it for quite sometime and planning to change it soon. So when I was browsing thru these mobile phones in a website, I came across this mobile phone which was priced at Rs 106,731 /-.

What 1 lacs? Are you sure? Positive. I had the same doubt guys. I went through it and found out that it was true. Why is this phone so expensive? I don't think there are much features as other phones. You should see the phone to believe. It is totally awesome. Looks absolutely stunning. It made me go crazy for a moment. And why don't you check out yourself.


Here is a video about the Mobile phone: MOTOROLA AURA

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