Monday, March 30, 2009

Semiya Payasam-Recipe

My favourite dessert/ sweet is the Semiya Payasam. My mom makes the best one now after my grandmother. I really don't know how to make it but I asked my mom to write down the recipe for me. This dish is prepared very frequently in south India during festivals and when guests come home. This dish is liked by all age group

Guys, my mom's recipe for semiya payasam. This is how it goes.

Vermicelli : 1/2 cup
Sugar : 1 cup
Ghee : 1 tbsp
Raisins, cashew - 1/4 cup
Cardamom powder
Thick milk

1. Fry vermicelli in little ghee till it becomes golden brown
2. Boil milk and add fried vermicelli
3. Allow the mixture to boil in reduced flame till vermicelli gets cooked
4. Add sugar and keep stirring
5. When the content becomes thick and vermicelli is cooked, switch off the gas.
6. Add cardomom powder, fried cashewnut and raisins

Alternative method
Kesari powder can be used
Poha can be added along with vermicelli in equal proportion
Milk can be boiled till it becomes concentrated
Cashew and badam can be ground nicely and added to the above mixture along with saffron
This gives nice flavour to the recipe


rgm said...

Yummy... I too like this. No problem when served in a cup with spoon. But in functions it is served in banana leaves. To make the task easier I take it mixed with appalam (Pappad)so that it will be relatively easier to eat using hands. Pappad also adds up to the taste!

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

I never knew you can eat it with appalam. Well, I'm going to try it next time..LOL

Raji said...

Appalam goes well with this...and that those served during weddings...yummy :)

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