Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Summer internship

Sometimes lyf isn't all about staying at home even for me.

Why the hell am i talking about staying at home??? The world is waiting outside to grab me!!!LOL
The thing is, I have been given an assignment. Summer intern assignment. My topic for the day...MARKET RESEARCH. Do you think it cool?? Of course its cool and lot of hard work.
Welcome to my world. The Real MBA experience. First hand. Straight from the heart or brain whichever you want.

Given work:
Observe what is happening in the so -called family salon and give a report by Friday.

What am I doing now about the project?
Nothing. Why??? I'm never into salons. I've been to parlors once in 6 months and never do all that stuff  that are likely done by every-other-girl-my-age. I've never done threading, pedicure, manicure,facial, blah blah blah... I dint even know there were so many things. What will I do there?? What will I do there sitting all day watching what the staffs are doing? My reporting manager said, " Talk to customers.Talk to the manager. Get as much as information as possible." He was very sweet. Gave me this personal email address and said that I could mail him about anything. How can I tell him that I dono anything about parlors except hair cut.

I assume, he would say,Well Raji, now is your big chance. Learn it!!! It will definitely be a different experience for me. I'm off now to visit this salon and sit for a few hours of Salvation(observation).
Knowledge is fun. Lets get into some pampering stuff. After all ,  I also get to have some free make-overs. Now that the best part about this assignment. Gotta go... Will catch up with today's experience later.
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