Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sexual Harassement-what can we do about it?

Today I was walking on the main road which is always busy. Before me, there were two teenaged girls walking back home from the bus stop. While walking, a guy on the cycle was  going past us. He went a little further and stopped the cycle to see who was coming behind. These girls hadn't noticed because they were having their own chit chat while walking. This guy waited for us to walk near him so that he could catch hold of one of the girl's private parts. I was shocked and that spilt second he peddled away. I tried to stop him but he was too fast. I came back to the girl who was harassed and she was too embrassed because everybody were just watching what was happening and never bothered to help me. She cried out and I tried to console her and helped her up. I also said that I will accompany both of them to their house which was nearby my place. She cried all the way home. It was an awful sight. She couldn't take out her hands from her chest. I was scared whether this will take her to depression. I took her home and told her  mother what happened and asked them to take care of her. I just cannot understand how perverse some guys are. And nobody came to help. Such cheap characters some of them have. Everybody can become multimillionaires, own a car and whatever but these are such basic common duties being a human. 

I somehow, feel the world is one-sided. Why this kind of nasty behaviour ? This is definitely going to affect the girl for somedays. How can a person just do that? Is this what the world is leading? Is this women empowerment? Can't a girl just live the way she wants to live? It just irritates me to say that it is getting on my nervous on what I am hearing about all the behavioural changes undergoing on the men these days. Please don't treat us like sex dolls. We have a life and we have feelings too. Please understand that the world does not belong only to you, Men.

Its just shocking. I cannot get this out of my mind. 


Raji said...

Believe me or not...You gotta ask every other gal/woman/lady if she has not come across or prone to be a prey in this act in her life so far, I would say she's the most luckiest in this world. There's no point in talking abt our culture and debate abt having beauty paegents competitions in India...Indian men have to grow in this aspect...this is a very cheap behaviour...and I always wonder what pleasure do they get from this?

RGM said...

Sorry to hear this... I have also came across couple of exactly similar situations where my dear friends were harassed in public places including temple. They were crying at that moment and didn't told me what happened as I am a boy. Later I came to know. I could convince them gradually. But I cannot forget those incidents. In one of the scenes, the culprit was a roadside vendor, but the girl refused to identify him. I could understand why she refused. Otherwise I would have killed the dog immediately. Such viruses are not needed for our society.

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

Raji, I totally agree with the fact you said about all the girls must have gone thru this harassment.

Muthu, Thanks for understanding. Atleast some guys care. All they have to do is think that every women in world includes their mother or sister or their wife or their gf are also included. So they would definitely not do that

Parth Dave said...

Its really disheartennig to hear such stories. It is shocking that men are forgetting the significance of humanity and equality. If you want to read a similar article, visit

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