Monday, March 16, 2009

Unexpected Vacation in the last moment...

Hey hi guys!

Sorry, had an unexpected vacation planned in the last moment. My Chiti( Aunt) had come from salem to attend a marriage here in chennai. She visited my place and found me Idle because I'm in Hols, sort of actually, I have to do my internship in some company. I have already sent the resume but my dad was responsible to get me one. So here I was with sometime for myself to do anything I liked. My chiti was so alone after she left chennai. Its been quite sometime I've spent some quality time with her and my cousins(Rags and Gokul). But i still dint want to go because the two of them had still not yet done with exams, but she insisted. 

Packed as per schedule, I was on the train by Sunday 4pm. The train journeys are always fun for me. All the talking and laughing with your family. So we reached by 10pm.  Overwhelmed by my arrival, my cousins were excited. Rags is in the 9th std but writes 10th portions for exams now. Gokul is in the 4th std. He is the youngest boy in the family. So tired by the journey, went to sleep. 

Not allowed to wear Nightie at home since there were male workers in the house. 
Get up before 7 because there is no electricity after that till 1pm.
Check the garden and help in Gardening(Loved it, though).
Help Gokul with exams and ask him questions(Poor bro).
No Tv since both of them had exams.
No computer because of Hardware problem.
No internet of course.
Too many trains visible every single day since we lived in the railway quarters.
Wear only Salwar with dupatta.(DUH)
Climate amazing.
No pep talk with friends on the phone.( oh come ' on you guys!!! what am i suppose do then?)
Not allowed to wear Nightie at home since there were male workers in the house. 
Get up before 7.
Check the garden and help in Gardening.
Help gokul with exams.
Listen to Rags annoying songs which weren't so annoying before he sang it.
No Tv, computer and internet.
Little drills showers in the evening which was my favourite part of the day.
Chiti brought the taste of real salem briyani which is my fav food
And the same as above.
Not to forget the annoying songs list seems to be growing as fast as my brother.
Day4( Shopping in Salem)
Send both of them to school.
Plan shopping for gokul's birthday gift which falls on March 14th(Saturday).
Find out there is more to salem than just trains and lots of people staring at you.
Oddessy, Naidu Hall, World of Titan(OMG there are so many brand in salems???)
Found the perfecet gift.
Ate Ice cream.
Had done my first eye brow shaping thingee(Now that was very very painful).
Gokul's last exams.
Found out Rags has become obsessed with Football and MANCHESTER UNITED.
After Gokul came home shouting, " AYE YENNAKU EXAMS MUDINJIDUCHU"meaning exams over.
Went cycling with gokul, got a bit of exercise atlast.
Sneaked out the bike without the knowledge of elders and went for a long trip.
Watched Chutti Tv with gokul.
Last exam for Rags as well as gokul's birthday.
Gave chocolates to neighbours and friends.
Gift was given and received with a wide grin.(:-)).
Saw the movie SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE in tamil(good translation but the simbu's voice dint suit Dev,though)
Nonveg day
Played football, volleyball, throw ball with a single ball.
Cycling again.
Bidding Adieu.
Day 8(Monday)
Boarded Train.

Well eventhough some things dint work out as a vacation, it was fun. I realised a  lot of things over this time:
1. My mom makes the best food in the world.
2. The best place to be is your own home.
3. Wish I had a brother.
4. Taste of real Tamil Nadu.
5. Chennai is so much different from Salem and other towns.
6. City breeds can only go for a vacation to places like these but can never stay longer than a week.

Back where I began. My home in chennai. Love it as always

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