Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Thank you, Sisters

I consider myself very lucky
To have sisters;
Sisters, who loves me for what I am,
Not for what others see me as,
Or for what I ought to be.
They loves me truly the way I am.
We've fought and patched up.
We've shared secrets of happiness and sadness
We've laughed until we cried,
And then we dried each other's tears.
I look up to them (because they are taller than me)
We don't laugh at each other's mistakes,
But help each other to correct them.
They prevent me from losing my temper,
I prevent them from losing their sense of judgments.
I know none of us are perfect,
But together, we help each other to become so.
Thank you, sisters
For always being there for me.

Ishu and Gayu, I love you both very much.

And will never leave you both again.

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