Friday, May 1, 2009

My Typical Evening in the Beach

Be it Besant nagar beach or Marina Beach... This will defiinitely be the procedure which I follow with whomever I'm with...
A nice dress preferably a salwar which is a synthetic material
Some people with whom you can have fun what so ever.
Little bit of money( konjam podhum)

1. Decide in the last minute to go the beach on that particular day.
2. Make sure you have the right apparatus.
3. Get in the car or bike(in case of my cousins) and zoom out to the location.
4. Get down on the sand and feel your bare feet in the sand.
5. Run with your slippers in your hand till the water place.
6. Get in the water and play all sort of pranks with the people you are with.
7. Try to get drowned atleast once. LOL
8. Get your dad go mad for doing that.
9. Get out of water and head to the shore to get dried up.
10. Sit on the shore and eat bhel puri or pani puri or masala puri or whateve puri available.
11. Then eat roasted corn.
12. Now you can feel that you are totally dried up.
13. Now head right to the bhajji valla and eat all the bhajji's available
       a. My favourite is Cauliflower bhajji although I eat onion, potatoes and yam(vazhakai hmm) Bhajji.
       b. Get to eat from your dad's plate also as you are the eldest and favourite child.
14. When that is over, get everybody around you to play : fire in the mountain run run run or running and catching or hoping and catching. This will take atleast 45 minutes of your time.
15. When you are all tired up playing, you realise that all that bhajji energy is lost.
OMG!!! What do we do???
Do Not Fear... DADDY is here..
The final step to finish your beach experiment
16. Get Ice Cream... You scream, we scream and we all scream for ICE CREAM.
My favourite  flavour is ButterScotch always.

The Result:
Best day you could ever have in the beach. Not get back home before they close the gates of the beach. LOL...
My work here is done. Happy to be conducting this experiment with you all... Glad to know whether you liked it...Your comments??!!

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Raji said...

I miss those beach days with friends...:(

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