Monday, May 25, 2009

That You Trust And Believe in Me

I just want you to know…
How important you are to me,
Knowing that you care and understand me,
…That you trust and believe in me.
i just want you to know…
How wonderful it is having you as a friend,
Knowing that you are always there for me,
…that you will always be my friend.
I just want you to know…
That I know how wonderful you are,
…That i do care,
…and that I do love you,
I just want you to know.


ApocalypsE said...

I just want you know... I just love your poems... :)

Havent told the guy yet?

What happened to the story you promised... :(

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

Thank you Apo.. Not yet said a word about this to him. Writing story is not as easy as it is for me as you... I need my time and I'm working on it.. :)

ApocalypsE said...

Its an uphill climb
I know what you are going through
Dont surrender
Love comes to those who believe it
Thats the way it is - Celine Dion

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