Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Losing someone shouldn't stop life

Today, my dad lost his best friend. They have been buddies from school and they were really close to each other. They were married almost at the same time so we also got together as a family always. Late Babu uncle, was a joker and he always made us laugh . He had three children who were almost same ages as the three of us. Two girls and a small son. The look on my dad's face made me think about writing this post. I dedicate it to all the people who have lost all their near and dear ones.
Loss is a difficult concept to deal with, especially when it is permanent, and it is something each of us will be forced to face at one point or another throughout our lives. It might come in small forms, such as losing an important textbook necessary for a class.It might come as a bigger issue, such as failing a class and losing your scholarship for school. It could even be the largest form of loss imaginable: the loss of a person. Be it death or otherwise, you may at some point, or might have already lost your best friend, your sister or brother, your parents or children.
Loss leaves the survivor feeling hollow inside. You may go days without eating or nights without sleeping, and you may spend too much time thinking and over-thinking. Loss, especially in the form of death, is one of the most difficult experiences survivors have to live through. Sometimes it feels like you won't go a day without being reminded of the incident, and sometimes you'll feel like it is all you'll ever think about again. Personally, I've been there - I lost grandma last year whose value I realised only after she died.
As difficult as it is to see past something like this at the moment, you will get through it. What is important to remember is you don't have to forget the person you've lost just because they are gone. Sometimes when memories are the only thing left, it is important to grab onto them and not let go.Another important thing to remember is to talk about how you are feeling to other people. Stockpiling and bottling emotions will do nothing constructive - rather, it is destructive. You will decay away inside, and that kind of erosion is not easily repaired. Talking to friends, family, counselors, teachers, doctors or whomever only helps.

Blocking memories rarely ever works, if at all. In fact, recollecting memories with important people might actually help.If you feel like something horrible such as death is all you ever think about, you aren't alone.Many people have lost loved ones and can relate to your situation. It is also healthy to be sad or angry or to wonder why something happened as long as you react to such emotion in a healthy manner.
Don't let loss overtake your life. Losing someone, in death or otherwise, might break your heart, but broken hearts still beat, and you will make it through the tragedy.

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