Thursday, May 7, 2009

A friend who betrayed me

My dearest and oldest friend,
you have put our friendship to an end.
It is you that I depended on,
what did I do that now you are gone?
In your bad times, I've helped you,
I thought my friendship grew.
I believed you, but you broke my trust.
For you, I'm mixed along with the dust.
When I really needed you to help me,
just to do a favor, you didn't agree.
For that, I've lost something great.
You have closed the friendship's gate.
When we meet each other, we ignore.
For each other, we don't exist anymore.


Raji said...

It happens sometimes...I agree :(

CutePriya said...

That's a part of life and yes you got to take it as it's an experience which makes us learn so many things...

BTW such a nice and beautiful blog. Loved it so much!


Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

@Raji yeah it does!!

@Cute Priya Thanks and thats life. taking it as it comes

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