Saturday, April 4, 2009


I think every MBA student would go through this phase at some point or the other.

Now what would that be??? Choosing between HR or Finance. Well ,as far as for us, at this point of time when we have the recession and with a lot of people losing jobs it has been a very difficult decision. When I was in the first week of classes, I had about 50% of my class opting for HR. Now if you see, I can hardly find 10 people for HR. Why is this confusion? I mean some people would lose their interests just because there is no job out there. I mean come on. Don't you have faith in yourself? Do you think you cannot make it to the world ??

For a second, I had such thoughts too. After all, we have our moments. But I was stern in my decision. I took MBA because I am a people person and I came here to work with people for the people. Money is always a concern when taking the right decision because when we have our fathers sweat and work hard like dogs to pay for us. It is definitely not small amount of money. Paying 8+ lacs in not a small thing. I know but still is everything about money. If you still think, like me, that you could do anything only if you have both your heart and soul into it.

A lot of my friends are taking up Finance just because we have a lot of opportunities there. Don't you know that whatever goes up has to come down some day and vice versa, like the US economic crisis. All my friends persuade me to take up the same but my mind just dint give up on my favorite. Still every time, my friends call up, the first thing they ask me," HR or Finance" and I promptly say HR. This whole internship thing had given us a lot of time as well as frustation to think about our choices. Some people just went there because you get a lot of money when you start your career as a assistant finance manager. And believe me, they are soooo wrong. Nobody is going to give away money for nothing.
I believe, to know and work for a company you would have to start from scratch. I found this out when I was working before. Some guys joined Finance because they wouldn't be able to see this really cute girl in our class. Rouges!!! Some times, I wish I could use certain four letter words on these people.

So as far as I am concern, I am happy that I was stern in my decision and never changed my mind for what I was here for. And I am damn proud about myself. I also want to tell these people that I am definitely going to be more successfull than others who left for no reason at all. And I also wish them best of luck in their new born interests.

Last but not the least, Don't be the cat on the wall...


Raji said...

When it comes to practicality and the money spent, 9 out of 10 people would want to repay all that and hence go where they can get money. I don't see anything wrong in there. But there is 1 out there thinking about his/her interest and not money as priority. When such people stand out from the crowd, the crowd believes that it's a wrong decision. My point is if u believe u can, go for it. Even if u fail, u will learn from it.

Also,I would say that's the main reason we do not have many entrepreneurs in India as in countries like US, UK. But at the same time, we have to agree that India is moving fwd in this too and am happy about it :)

Romba pesittennu nenaikiren :)

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

I am not saying that we don't want to get back the money, I'm just saying that why are people not following their dreams and if they do will they not feel happy about it.
That is true when you say we don't have many entrepreneurs. I want to be one myself but still people don't give me the back up or the support to be one. It so irritating sometimes how they put us down.

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