Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ini Oru Vidhi Seivom

Vijay Tv is hosting this new show called " Ini Oru Vidhi Seivom". This show talks about Women rights and what are all the things which are faced by women today(Both good as well as bad).

Today's topic was about you can prevent Divorce rates or something of that sort( I started watching it from the middle...Sorry).
This started off by saying how the women are trying to put up a lot of ego problems and don't have any sagipu thanmai. and one annoying lady also said that we, girls, these days are not brought up to share and adjust to things. We put our egos in front of us before we think about the marriage.
Another lady who was offended by this statement quoted that she personally knew a girl who was married to this guy who was impotent( meaning not being able to reproduce) knew that he was before he got married. When she lived with for almost 2 years and then told her parents about him who was also sexually abusive. She tolerated all this just for the sake of not getting a divorce and trying to live along with him, but there was a limit to everything because he had become more aggressive one day. So she left him even though the parents were reluctant. But now she got the divorce and became a doctor who is quite successful in her career, but doesn't want to marry again.

I was so touched by this story. Do you know there are 1000 of women who have such kind of husbands who are impotent and another set of women who are sexually harassed or abused by their husbands. If they try to get out of this situation and get divorced, the society says that she has got ego and doesn't want to tolerate and live. How can any women live like that? Even though, we are being so successful in fulfilling the dreams of the nation and building the economy and developing, still women are not given the rights that they deserve. I personally know a friend, who had similar kind of situation which she also came out of it, but she also tried to make the marriage work because he always was loving to her except for the fact he was being aggressive and abusive as time went by. The family did not accept her back. She still lives and proves that she is worthy of living and she has overcome the depression and on her feet to live her life the way she wants it to be. I salute to these kind of women. This is not called as ego or self esteem or selfishness. This is called as protecting ourselves and living our life. These women do not want to get married again for the mere fact that they do not want to get hurt again because the pain and agony was too much to tolerate


Anonymous said...

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Raji said...

Society epdi naalum edhachum solladhan pogudhu...even if it's good or bad..So, why to care abt it? In this particular case, if that woman cannot live with a torturing husband, it's her life and her choice. There's nothing that can be categorized as right or wrong here...It's anyone's birth right to choose how to live...People who make a big fuss out of this...They need to grow and realize that they are not in 18th or 19th century...Tats my opinion

rgm said...

When a woman is being harassed by her husband she has every right to get divorce. It's time to live alone or get into another commitment,even her parents do not accept. Unfortunately at that situation, most of the women are unable to take a bold decision, the only reason being their brought up. Their minds are made up so that they are society conscious (what others will think about me and my family? Of course we are not living for others) and to depend (economically) on their parents until marriage and on husband after marriage and on children during old age. If left/harassed/exploited by anyone they will be helpless. They are being thought how to adjust but not how to stand on their own legs.

Recently a relative woman was harassed when she came to know the impotency thing. Thank god her parents helped her and got divorce immediately. But what I cannot digest is... they spent a lot of time and money in analyzing horoscope matches but no one thought about medical reports. Of course they might not be aware of it or did not feel that it is important until the problem occurs.

Medical reports are very essential these days not only to confirm both are medically fit for a marital life but also to screen sexually transmitted diseases and hereditary diseases (we cannot come to know what bad things our genes have until and unless they get expressed or screened for) so that our generation is saved.

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