Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mind your own business..I don't care a damn about you!!!

In life when people are disappointed and depressed, some people just want to make things worse. I have my life to live and I have lot of people to care and walk with me. I just want the others who think I'm nothing... Thank you people... You make me want to live more and laugh more... Your criticism make me want to prove to you that I'm happy and always will be.. I don't give a damn about money. Here I would like to quote a famous saying by Mr. Vadivelu. "Hey money come today and go tomorrow ya" LOL.. Jokes apart, if you have money, have it. I don't think money can buy you everthing in life except monetary benefit and physical things. It can never buy you love, care and happiness.. I' m happy with what I have and what I am.. I live my life the way I want to live... So Mind your own business and get the hell of out of my life and dont ruin my life with what I'm left with....

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