Sunday, April 19, 2009

Missing Feeling!!!

I hope all the girls remember going on the bike behind your dad who was then very much younger. I used to hug my dad so tight because I was too scared whether I would fall off. Years before that, you would remember sitting front on the petrol tank.. I was so proud of my dad. He was my Hero. Still is. He used to ride this Royal Enfield Bullet which is very huge and is very difficult to ride. Once I remember a friend of mine who was very scared of my dad because of the way he looks at him and also by the way he rides the bike. Its just amazing how much I miss hugging my dad from behind. But now that I have grown up and my dad has had severe pain on the backbone due to riding that sort of heavy vehicle, he now rides my scooty pep. Still doesn't allow me to go on the main roads, though.

Coming back to the subject. I seriously miss those innocent days when I used to ask endless number of questions to him not allowing him to concentrate on the ride, but even with all those disturbances my dad was always cautious about his bike and with me on it. Today, I am very carefree and love those long rides with friends with the highest speed possible on that bike, I still dont get that feeling which I had experienced with my dad. He is the best and my hero. I wish I could go back to those glorious days of innocence because I never had to bother about anything when I had my dad to take care of me at all time.

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