Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nightmare in srilanka!!!

Today's bandh in Tamil Nadu regarding the srilankan Tamils was such a bogus decision to woo the upcoming elections. Politics people.... What do you expect?? Even though there was a bandh for the all the employees as well as everyone... The TASMAC shops(Wine Shops ) in place were still operating with full zeal. What kinda government would do such thing?? Welcome to Tamil Nadu were everything happens. I was fed up with this kind of actions. When people are suffering here, a good government would do something to prevent or atleast help the people who are left out. Its totally unethical. People dont mix politics with this because it is the face of humanity which is going on Srilanka. Its also the kids and women who are suffering this kind of chaos...

 My mom always say that in the Story, Ramayana, when Hanuman goes to lanka to see Seetha, he was the one who set it on fire and till this day the country has not been living in peace. Whether we believe it or not? It is happening.... Srilanka is becoming a graveyard and lots of beautiful places in it have already been destroyed. 

When we come back to politics, Tamil nadu prevented students from going to college because they thought we would make a scene out of this situation. Nothing happened after that.. Why doesn't the central government take any action regarding this issue... Eventhough we have all the powers we cannot do anything about these things.. The upcoming election has to put the apt government and India also needs youngsters like Maran, Rahul Gandhi... Atleast then we could see little changes in these type of politics.. I've just put one picture... there are so many others which will make you cry just by looking at it... Is this what we are doing by building a better world???

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