Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Not What You See

People look at me and see a perfect little girl
But what they don't know is deep down inside
I'm troubled in this world
From my fears I hide
And I try to act strong
Like nothing bothers me
I act like nothing's wrong
So you can't see
That I'm not perfect
I struggle all the time
But I have come to the point
I'm tired of acting like I'm fine
I'm tired of acting fake
And I need to be more aware that this is not a dream
That I am awake
So to anyone I ever hurt for not being me
I'm sorry you finally know this
And I'm sorry I'm not everything you want me to be
But that is something I wish to be


RamPrasad said...

enna koduma ithu.... en ippadi ellam feel panuringa....

rgm said...

change is the only thing that doesn't change. Look forward!

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