Saturday, July 4, 2009

A call that made me happy today..

As you all know that I have a blogger friend ( who also shares the same name as mine) RAJI... She was visiting India from USA.. It was a short vist and before leaving she had mailed me asking for my number and would like to visit me if possible. I was thrilled. It a true feeling because I started off my blog career with her as a role model or a motivator. I love the way she writes. She inspires me a lot and as well as becoming a close friend in the process.

So I had mailed back saying that I would love to meet her and I also given her my number. I knew she didn't belong to Chennai but knew she would be visiting Chennai. So I was unfortunate to meet her but alas, today @ 7.30pm, I received a call from RAJI. It was pure bliss. I thought a dream has become reality. We just spoke for about 10 mins or less, but felt like I knew her all my life. May be that's why, we share the same name.
Thanks Raji.. For remembering me and also calling me up. I hope atleast next time we could meet... :) :)

PS: You made my day, Raji.. How many people would get to have a friend with the same name and would have the opportunity to write about it...??? Well, I'm one of them.


Raji said...

Well, I am elated after reading this post...Thanks a ton, Raji!

Rajalakshmi Umapathy said...

You are welcome and all that I have said are true..

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