Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love Crisis... Attention everyone

Everything happens for a reason. My friend is undergoing a crisis in his love life. He thinks that this girl, whom he fell in love was a angel straight from heaven, but lately I found out that it wasn't so. I think the girl is not that much perfect as compared to him. I have the proof for it and I've also heard it from a very reliable source.. So I need to tell him that she isn't so perfect. I just cannot bare the fact that he is wasting his tears for nothing at all. My dear friend is the gem of all the guys, I have seen before. She is what you call a B***H.

I just cannot open my mouth to tell him. If I do it openly, I'm definitely going to lose my friendship with him and if I don't, I think its like me not being truthful to him. I think he deserves a much better girl who will love him very much. He is a great guy and kind-hearted friend, but at a crisis time like this, no one will ever want to hear bad things about this gf. Well here goes my mind, "Tell it---- no, don't tell it. But you have to do it for his sake. He would hate me for doing this. Oh god, please help me save my friend."

Guys gimme suggestion so as to I could tell him about it?? Please..

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Onion Insights said...

Hi Rajalaxmi,

You are in a situation we all have been in our lifes at some point of time. What I suggest is make sure your judgement about this girl is right. If you are sure tell your friend in very diplomatic terms what you think about the situation. Tell him you are being honest because you are his friend. But it is his life and he has make decisions and live with it.

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