Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Heyyyyyyyyy. Another HP movie??

I am a huge fan of Harry Potter.. I love the way she writes. She was one of those people who inspired me to write more and more. This book also brought my friend( bharani) and me together. This book gave us so much to talk about that we never got tired of it. We cried together for Dumbledore dying( which happens in the 6th book), then we had cried for Black's death and we talked about the way the ending in the seventh could have been modified or changed. We discussed about the creativity of this amazing author J.K Rowling and the potential she had. Ron being the funniest character was her favourite and mine too.. We loved Dumbledore and also wanted to study in a school like Hogwarts. It was that fantasy world which we would have loved to travel to.. She wanted to be a witch and we always wanted to believe that there was this world of witchcrafts and wizardry existing now. We thought that someday, we could meet Hagrid.. So many dreams and wishes we shared together.. We loved the little romance between Hermione and Ron and we hated Harry's relationship with Cho Chang. I was so relieved when we knew that Harry fell in love with Ginny @ last.I could still remember that when Harry had his first kiss with Cho, Ron asked him how he felt and then Harry would reply saying that it was wet. Bharani, like my blogger friend, RAJI was a big dreamer. Those days, our home phone bills would hit the sky which, of course, was also followed by scolding from both the parents.

" Your mother died to save you. If there is one thing Voldermort cannot understand, it is love"

One of the famous quotes given by Albus Dumbledore gave the both of so much of importance that we decided to have that quote in our bedroom doors forever. Something just cannot be substituted. So are my memories about Harry Potter and my friend Bharani. "Bharani, If you are out there, reading my blog.. Please get back with me. I want to see the forth coming Harry potter and the Half blood Prince with you. You are the best person who I would never like to miss in my life.. Love you Lots.. Missing you truly..
your friend forever

PS: Go watch the movie Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on 17th July with your friends..

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Raji said...

Hmmm...I haven't watched any HP movies so far but will be watching all parts in the near future as my order is going to be placed soon...And hence I did not have anything to comment abt it here :)

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